God knows the world doesn't need another band.

I won't join the Study Tour of my school!!! I did say to my Teachers that I don't take this trip to Bandung.
I just want Paramore in Bali, and it's gunna be enough. Thanks God, thanks Mom, thanks, paramore.
Hellyea. And I just still can't stand it when I say that. My friends got very very angry to me after they knew my decision. They said they hate me ewww :'(( I'm so so sorry but I don't love this trip to Bandung :) I just , I just (may be) will set off to Yogyakarta, I feel so looong time to go there hehe but I do always love you guys..


My Favorite GAME

Unbranded tank, Pastell shirt, Water Back (skirt), Converse shoes

Swans tee, Mike collection (top), skirt from Japan, League shoes

After done the national examination, finally I can touch this blog again.

Yesterday, me with FIB, got a suppasweaty JOURNEY (yay!!)
After school, and without another uniform--sooo cool.
and here we went;
From school, to Cake's home (JUST FOR TAKING THE CAMERA), then to my house (JUST FOR TAKING THE HELM, yes, helm) and start the journey again but suddenly we decided to get back to my house again to put Wangking's mocyc. Okay, deal, and then we were fillin our stomach on Cak Basman, then after our stomach's fueled, we went to NGEMBAK wow how cool -_-
No, suddenly, at Ngembak, we decided to go to KUBURAN CINA, and.. yes. we went there =_=
There we got some photoshoots and after that again we went to Pulung, to KEBUN KAYU PUTIH, the place where me and my Mom got some (very) sweets phoshoots a week before.
The day was soooo HOT, hotter than the day me and Mom went there, so without took any nice photos, we decided to buy some beverages.
..ough. Then we decided to gat back to Ponorogo, to find some juices in front of Zapo. Ha-ha.
HHHAAFFTER that, we went to our own school, to pray (sholat, oh I don't know what is it in Bahasa)
aha, just for that, and finally,
we went HOME, which is, MY home.
There, the riot wasn't over cuz, for about 4 hours FIB cracked my room and hikss didn't wanna make it clean like before. My wardrobe's broken, my bed's crashed, and yea, HEAVEN.

Ehmm, just got these nice chocolates from Singapore,


I'ma tell u one time, one time..

When I met you girl my heart went knock knock
Now them butterflies in my stomach won't stop stop
And even though it's a struggle love is all we got
And we gon' keep keep climbing to the mountain top
Your world is my world
And my fight is your fight
My breath is your breath
And your heart ...

-justin bieber, one time

Hi there, how bout your yesterday?
Great? Freakin awesome huh?

Yerterday was Easter Night, a special day of Christians.
But also yesterday, Indonesian Beliebers had their special day too of JB’s concert in Indonesia! (yea finally)

Oh I am not a belieber and I’m not crashed by his fever, but like a karma, suddenly, yesterday-I don’t know why-oh my gosh I began to get interest with his songs. Wtf? LMAO.

Uyea it’s funny, just laugh at me.
But, time by time, I start to think if he is like a reincarnation of Michael Jackson, isn’t he? Thanks for Auntie, yes you’re success to make my mind melts like a float ._.
Okay stop to talk bout this unexciting topic.

 Easter Night at my church, last night.

In Bahasa, the word EASTER can be replaced by PASKAH.

Before Easter Night, there is a HOLY WEEK; Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and then Easter Night itself.
PS. If u wanna know more bout it, simply click HOLY WEEK.

My dress for last night. Fiuhh I had to wear it for about 5 HOURS. So.. tightly. Hehe -_- cuz I still can't believe that my body's pretty enough for it.
Dress : Color box.



 Dress : Flandre Club | Shirt : Safira Fashion

Morning Moon

A piece of handmade dress.

at last.

..a disaster.

Is He Really Going Out With Her?

Vest : Lea | Handmade Skirt | Unbranded Tank | Shoes : Cornea


Doubt and doubt

Maybe I can blow the window, crack the wind, and run.


Two pieces clothes from Japan.

KARTINI: "Good luck, girls!!!"

Got another sweet journey again with Mom : Kebun Minyak Kayu Putih, Pulung :)