FORGET about The Price Tag.

Seems like everybody's got a price, I wonder how they sleep at night...

When the sale comes first, n the truth comes second..

Just stop, for a minute and... SMILE..

Why is everybody so serious, acting so damn mysterious?

Got your shades on your eyes, and your heels so high..

That you can't even have a good time!!

Everybody look to their left, yea
Everybody look to their right..

Can you feel that? Yea
We're paying with love tonight :)

It's not about the money, money, money!!!
We don't need your money, money, money...
We just wanna make the world dance!Forget about the Price Tag.

Ain't about the huh Cha-Chang Cha-Chang..
Aint about the yea! Ba-Blang Ba-Blang

Wanna make the world dance, forget about the Price Tag.



Above is a cover of Paramore - Misery Business by Jared and Marissa
... Um, just now I kinda miss stage :O
Yea, for again, Paramore.
Oh by that way, how about this, MTV CRIBS HAYLEY WILLIAMS' Home?!

I think Home is not that bad :P

Summer Freeze!



So these are kinds of 'To-Do Things' in my Holiday :
1. Eat much ice cream
2. Wake up late
3. Watch lotsa movies from the rental
4. Read a lot magazine
5. Blogging
6. Hang out hang out hang out to nowhere, yeah.
7. Make out with my lapp for hours
8. Write, create, and breathe for my own songs

But the number 5 becomes so difficult to do.

The biggest question is : WHY?

Isn't me a Blogger-Freak huh? The answer is YES but I dont know it's been a week I dont know what to write or what else.. I just cant do this. In fact, there are mooore times, more cash, more clothes, and more ideas inside my slip-less brain.

The simple answer :
Beacuse I choose the bad ways. I choose to be lazy. Become LAZIER instead of more challenges.



OmyGod, omyGod, omaiGod.
Being one of 150 selected Sampoerna Academy from O my God about 5700 students, God You rock o my. Yes.
I'm laughing. No, then smiling. Haha. O my God. Still speechless.

But I am alone :'((( NOOOOOORRRGHHH...
From IJHS, lonely walk a step by a step there. I am alone... I don't know how to say but,
Glad or sad, I don't know what to choose.
Dona, Asti, what will happen to me without you girls??

Click the picture for jumping to the site.

(yep, kali ini urut abjad jadi gaada ranking.)

Dari 5700.. (IJHS majuin 14 anak yang udah melalui seleksi para guru) yang disaring jadi 310.. aku, Asti, Dona lolos.. Trus disaring lagi jadi gaktau.. dan disaring lagi jadi sekarang, 150.. Lemes.
Anda sekalian tahu gak apa nazar saya?
Nganterin Grandma ke Hutan Malabar, kenangan masa kecilnya. And I will do that soon.


Red, Gold, and Green.. Brighter?

21 April, with Mom at Kayu Putih Farm, Pulung, Ponorogo.

At last I still stuck on this song. My most favorite song from my fave band,
Paramore - Brighter.

Ya, Modern Kebaya with SNEAKERS and very simple (and too mini-my friend said) skirt,
it made me so comfort to move here and there without any sweat. hehe. Muah


Photoshoots Session - PART TWO

Opening Song : Vickyvette - Unlimited Loyalty