Anytime you want. ♥

"And if you stay I would even wait all night
Or until my heart explodes
How long?"
My Chemical Romance - Summertime


I know Summer's gonna end soon. I just wanna make a simple post here, before gone.

Four hours from now, I'll set off from here. Leave my bed, leave my home, leave my town. Leave all of my buddies and stories. And tonight, I'll be at Malang. Start to discover the undiscovered!! :'))

By this post, I wanna say... Goodbye, Friends.....!!! :'DDD See yooooouuuu!!!!! And wish us luck. Maybe we're gonna lose contact for several times. Maybe this blog will miss me, the readers haha yeah.. but I will never never never never never forget you all!! Our stories. Our legend. Dont forget with all of our dreams! Our grip. Never be tired to face the stage. Show must go on. This is our life. Ours. Together. Never stop to be thankful for have been knowin you all!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'D

Hope you guys won't ever forget this messy kid, Saveera Vivid Tiarani. :')

At last,
Sweetest bye ...! Keep rockin!! :'D

Hugs and kisses. With loves and laughters,

Oh July, will you hear this?

[WARNING. This post contains so many photos.]
Alone At Last - Taman
Semua foto di sini bukanlah foto-foto terbaik, tapi foto-foto yang telah membuat saya menangis :')

It was a beautiful day. Thank you for everyone who built this park.

What a nice day. Are you staring at me? What a nice beautiful day.

Can I sing? Can I talk with you? Can I walk with you? I'll sing a song for you.

I hug you... It was a beautiful day.

It was amaze me.

Thank you all. Thank you park. Thank you my friend..!

I will miss this park.

Taman ini terindah. Tempat semua terkisah.

( They,  who  ever  lost.. )
Saat waktu berjalan, taman ini menghilang.

I hate this. I really hate this..!!

Tiara berlari mengumpat, "Mana tamanku?!"

Tiara memanggil semua kesah, "F*ck! Where's my old park?!"

Tiara menghujat semua.. semua yang dilihat...

Taman di masa lalunya sekejap menghilang.

You really hate this huh? ..


You miss your park..?

"Huh uh.."

Let's walk with me.. Let's find another park.


"I will miss this park."