Road to Pacitan


 Agaiiiiin! I don't know whether I have to be like this -_- or this :D but ya.. let's eat some fun.
Actually there was no plan to stop at this place but we made a joke of it just by a very few minutes before suddenly we found that sign :

 ..and yes. here we go ...



 his bedroom. no moved stuffs.

 left-right : mba deni (the purple one), stella (behind the door), mba desi, om yoto, ceca, mum, rania, gema, mba reni, om anton & om koko. me? behind the lens.


Like mother like daughter.




(candid by mum)

aaand, this one, i've just found kalo.. nasi kucing itu bener2 mungil segini yang sumpah langsung bikin gemes setengah mati :

Parent's Day IJHS '12


Hey Ponorogo! Attended Parent's Day & Business Day 2012 of IJHS last Saturday. I felt so tall on my own heels. There was a thing different for me - the atmosphere wasn't the same. I don't know. And thanks for @salmangrees for the photos. They're so much taller and mature now :D



Here is my bucket list.

1. No remedies.
2. Graduated from SHS
3. Gadjah Mada University
4. Sideline on a magz
5. Roll around with EO thingy
6. Own mac
7. Buy fit lens
8. Have above 1000 twitter followers
9. Set up space-nuanced gateau shop & diner
10. Launch my authorized book
11. Meet Hayley Williams
12. Have my own concert (with million audiences)
13. Own an all-white house
14. Married by 24
14,5. It should be with him
15. Travel the world
16. Kissed in front of Eiffel
17. Have 2 kids.
18. Face the Time Square
19. Crowd surf
20. Attend a masquerade
21. Doodle my bedroomwall
22. A walk-in closet
23. Jeffrey Campbell's Platform Collection
24. Spend Christmas on Disneyland
25. Ride the Big Eye
26. Be a moviestar
27. Work for NatGeo
28. Attend NY Fashion Week
29. Go on a no-budget shopping spree
30. Go to a party in Broadway
31. Visit Rome
32. School reunion on the top of skyscraper
33. Be a cover girl
34. Host a talk show
35. Inspire the world
36. Laugh free
37. See my kids grow as theirselves
37,5. Be their hero
38. See them graduated
39. See them reach their dreams
40. See them married
41. Play with my grandchildren
42. A second honeymoon
43. Have a timeless breakfast with someone I love the most. Share everything about everything.
44. Spend my eve at the coffee parlour with mac & all memories inside.
45. Enjoy the tea & morningdew with my grandchildren's grandpa at the terrace
46. Enjoy his smile at his 70s
47. Celebrate our 100th Anniversary
48. Meet Pope
49. Pay off all of the charges made.
49,5. Any other possible thing can be added anytime.
50. Die with no regrets.

Finn at 20:28


Only If

When the world gets too heavy put it on my back, I'll be your levy. You are taking me apart like bad glue on a get well card. It was always you falling for me. Now there's always time calling for me. I'm the Light blinking at the end of the road. Blink back to let me know. I'm a Fly that's trapped in a web. But I'm thinking that my spider's dead. Lonely, lonely little life. I could kid myself by thinking that I'm fine. That I'm skin and bone. Just a cane and rusty throne. All the castle's under siege. But the sign outside says leave me alone.
-Panic! at the Disco

I love this song. Everyone does. But have you ever asked how if you're on that position?

I am now the Fly. I let myself trapped in a web only for the Spider. But actually he's dead. And I'm alone, only on my own. I never felt this pain before. A pain of vain. I won't let me deceive myself. People may say that a great woman can put a smile on her face, act like everything is fine, even when there's a big scar in her heart. Fake.
I know I'm not great.
I let the world know how terrible it hurt me. I thought, when I only pretend that I'm fine despite say the truth, then I'm not even strong enough to face the reality--I still do.

When we try to be honest, even if by ignoring our highest pride, sometimes, they will reward us even more.
My spider isn't dead. It's just misguided and I am gonna find it as soon as my wings could flutter. You know I know you're there. :)

About the image, remember something? Severus Snape? Me to.
Yes, it's not my own 'story'


The Gift of A Magi

"Della had saved exactly $1.86 cents for Christmas the next morning. She lived with her husband in an apartment that cost $8 a week. The apartment had been affordable when Jim was earning $30 a week, but now he was only earning $20 a week. She sobbed because she had saved so hard to buy Jim something nice for Christmas, but $1.86 was all that she could pull together.
The only things of any real value to them were Jim's gold watch--a family heirloom--and Della's beautiful brown hair that reached past her knees. She decided to sell her hair to buy Jim a present and was pleased when she received $20 for the long locks. She searched all the stores for the perfect gift and finally found a beautiful platinum chain that would be perfect for Jim's watch. She gave the clerk $21 and was pleased that Jim could finally discard the worn leather strap he had always used for his watch. Although Jim loved her hair, the sacrifice was worth such a wonderful gift.
When Jim arrived home from work he looked shocked at her appearance. But she couldn't quite read his thoughts by his expression. She jumped on the moment to tell him how fast her hair grows and that she had sold it to buy him a beautiful gift. Jim told her that he would always love her but that she might want to look at her present to understand why she had startled him. She opened her present to discover that he had bought her a set of beautiful combs that she had long coveted.
Her sadness quickly turned to joy when she showed Jim the fabulous chain she had bought for him. He took the chain and tumbled onto the couch. He smiled and told her that he had sold the watch in order to buy the combs for her. Many would view this as a tragedy, but to Della and Jim it showed the depths off their love for each other."

If Della sold her hair :
1. If Jim hasn't sell his watch, he couldn't give the comb to Della, but his watch would be nice with the chain. Della's sacrifice was repaid.
2. If Jim sold his watch, Della had her haircut in vain and the chain meant nothing. Beside Jim lost his possession.
If Jim sold her watch :
1. If Della has sold her hair, Jim would lose his possession, got the comb for nothing and the cahin would be meaningless.
2. If Della hasn't, the comb would make his wife happy. And there was no chain to be in vain.

If I were Della. I didn't sell my hair, I wouldn't lose my husband's possession. I planned to cook him the most delicious dinner he'd ever had. 
If I were Jim. I didn't sell my watch. I thought she was the greatest chief alive. We're gonna have a warm Christmas Eve Candlelight Dinner tonight.

“The magi, as you know, were wise men--wonderfully wise men--who brought gifts to the Babe in the manger. They invented the art of giving Christmas presents. Being wise, their gifts were no doubt wise ones, possibly bearing the privilege of exchange in case of duplication. And here I have lamely related to you the uneventful chronicle of two foolish children in a flat who most unwisely sacrificed for each other the greatest treasures of their house. But in a last word to the wise of these days let it be said that of all who give gifts these two were the wisest. Of all who give and receive gifts, such as they are wisest. Everywhere they are wisest. They are the magi.” -the tale is O. Henry's.


Oh I'm So Gemini!

PS. Who doesn't believe at the horoscope thingy better skip this post. :)

"Why everyone wants to be Gemini.

Gemini always has something to say. There is never a second when their minds go blank and their opinion is heard at all times. They are the most skilled at anything that requires logic and problem solving. "

They say that someone who marries a Gemini actually gets not one or even two, but at least half a dozen spouses in the bargain. This isn’t because the Gemini has a lot of kinky friends, but because a typical Gemini-born will have multiple personalities, or at the very least several faces for a single personality. The good news is that each personality will be even more enthralling than the last. The bad news is that you will never truly know your Gemini acquaintance’s likes and dislikes, because like their personalities, their tastes will continually be in a state of change. Since the Gemini has a mind that can easily run a dozen people, they find themselves drawn to new things, new experiences, and yes, new flavors. So if you’re trying to figure out what ice cream to stock your freezer with when you invite a Gemini over for dinner, you may be facing a rather difficult challenge. The surest bet is to get a little of everything, so that you’re prepared for whatever Gemini personality pops up that day.

What A Gemini Woman Wants.
Gemini women will be one of the more challenging women to interpret what they want. While being fun loving, adventurous, and carefree, she will change frequently. This woman is hard to pin down, but she will be captivating with her good looks and brilliant charm. Going after this particular breed of woman, a man will need to maintain a forgiving nature and intense sense of flexibility.

In their lives, Gemini’s want to keep the motion and movement up, progressing forward at all times. This tends to keep her talkative and highly adaptable. She is also quite playful and will want to bring your own childlike side out to play. The Mate for a Gemini woman will need to bring their patience and a lot of flexibility to the table for the woman born of the Twins.

She has no need for roots as she loves her freedom. Even with the tendency of thinking too much, she will frequently change her mind. Gemini females do not show a lot of emotion and will need her mate to be calm in that regard.

She will be charismatic and charming and will often be seen as the life of the party. With the right dress on, this free spirit can become quite the temptress. She, of all people, will be attracted to the bad boy rugged type. She will also be more inclined to a mate with an exciting position, especially in entertainment.

Gemini’s have the best intentions even while have a reputation for often being confusing and hard to understand. With simply keeping an open mind and a similar free spirit, there can be a match made with your Gemini woman.

Gemini in Marriage
If you’re heading into marriage with a Gemini woman with visions of cozy evenings by a fire, home-cooked meals, and lovely family gatherings filled with love and mirth, then you won’t be disappointed. If you instead harbor hopes of travelling the world with her, staying in hostels, backpacking across continents, and immersing yourself into adventure, you still won’t be disappointed. Or if your dream is really to have a passionate, electric marriage, one in which you both have successful, busy careers and fast-paced lives, but still find time for steamy encounters and lavish five-star dinners, then once again you won’t be disappointedThis is a Gemini woman you married. She can do it all, and can do it wearing high-heeled shoes and designer clothes.

*get ripped from here*



Whoa! I couldnt believe I missed it! It was this blog's 2nd Anniversary a week ago, yes it was and I-missed-it. I'm so sorry, deeply sorry - too late, I know, but I didnt prepare for any gift :( ..and uh, the picture above gives me depiction about my promenade on this personal blog. I began by 14 and now I'm 16; memories splatter everywhere, it creeps, lay over every spot and corner. It reflects me, from the sweet girl up to a catwoman, yes, you'll find the chronicles here. The savanna.. and the flower that I've quote and grip. Thank you all. Thank you, readers. Thanks for stopping and theatricalizing my bucket. Feel free to get to know me more. I am ready for the worst; it's accepted to fall in love with my inscription, but you're not allowed to fall in love with the author, she's taken already. Haha, joking. Anyway, yes it's all originally inscription, not a transcription. I always write every lettering directly on this blog without having the backup. I'm introvert, and this one becomes my great escape. So, for the lucky pals who meet me out there, yes maybe I'm not as dainty as my blog, but here I go, with every words - I just cant even stop. Weird. My hands have its breath.

You'd better take a cup of tea, and enjoy.



Actually there come thousand billion ideas in my mind upon this topic (which still continues my last post) about yeah, likewise and immortal, Life. I do live; I breathe, I blink, I move, I eat, I speak, I talk, I walk, I see, I love, I hate and more than something, I'm alive. I am who I am since my Mom gave me Vivid as my middle name, yes I'm grateful to be I am now. So, here the first point of Life : Be Grateful, Be Happy, and Smile (your enemies hate it). How precious your life is, how you can inhale and scream in the end of the edge; jump and fly away, feel the wind, feel that butterflies in the adrenaline; great.

What's next? I, myself, suddenly found this awesome formula yesterday. 2Give + 2For = Get. (whoops you won't find it in any tumblr or another sites hehe) here, it means that we have to Give, Forgive, and Forget. Another way to make your life more precious is, the forgiveness. Every of us has made failures, and we've apologize. People did the mistakes, we'd forgive them, just like we need them to forgive us by the time we apologize. Forgive and forget this rocks which break our social-bridge (I say) can make our journey to the grace easier and closer. Again, smile :)

resize animated gif
 (I made it myself via picasion.com)

What goes around, comes around. Because in each variant there is a constant change, Physics said. And have you ever ask yourself, if God answers all of our prayers, were we ready?

I live and I own a liver. Without my liver I'm dead. Without my heart I'm dread. In Bahasa they have no differences.

Anyway, there live some people who'll feel alive when they're being extreme enough, they who prefer to be inline with the rules, they who love taking the risk, they who'll be satisfied with defeating others and being the winner, they who live and become more alive in the middle of that spotlight - crowd - popularity, or they, who feel safe behind the stage and seeing anything runs well. Which one are you? Somehow, there also live the people who can be any kind of those person in a random condition.
Here 2 kinds of Avril Lav's lyrics,

"Sometimes I get so weird
I even freak myself out
I laugh myself to sleep
It's my lullaby
Sometimes I drive so fast
Just to feel the danger
I wanna scream
It makes me feel alive" - Anything But Ordinary

"You know I always stay up without sleepin',
And think to myself,
Where do I belong forever,
In whose arms, the time and place?

.. Can't help if I space in a daze,
My eyes tune out the other way,
I may switch off and go in a daydream,
In this head my thoughts are deep,
But sometimes I can't even speak,
Would someone be and not pretend? I'm off again in my World" - My World

Once upon a time, I was both of 'them'. Those time when I was labile, those period when I felt tired. And yes, that is life.

I love blue. I love sky. I love ocean. It makes me feel small, and admit God's Almighty, He is.
Wake up in an all-white bedroom, a lil bit messy yet comfy, see that morning sunshine from the windows, inhale, smile.. Touch those odd patterns and clothes.. Platform shoes and denim was never an option. I love my eyes they're my favorite, well, camera too―it's my third eye. I love freedom, I live in it.
When I watch a movie, I grow up. It seems like I've just traveled to someone else's life and it taught me about facing and solving a wide range of problems with its solutions. I could be another person and felt what s/he felt. What else? I love sweets so freakin much; candies, floats, words :) and as an extra, music is a flame, eternal, yet make our life feels eternal.

I love rain. It wipes my cloudy day and put that colorized bridge to the sky. A real dream.

When you stop dreaming, however, your life stops.
Leader begin with Dreamer. If you can dream it, you can do it, Walt Disney said (it's been my favorite motto)

Sleep less, dream more :)
In the name of
Heart, Art, and Earth.


"Get A Life!"

What is life?

A journey? For me it's an adventure.

A question? It's quite a mystery.
A tale? It's undeniably a legend.
A song? Make it a symphony.

It doesn't only lie on a paper, it lies on a canvas.

Is it an artwork? For me, it's a masterpiece.

Are you alive? I survive.

Sometimes I wonder, why do I wonder. 
"Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain!" Vivian Greene said.
Everybody wants happiness, nobody wants pain, but you can't have a rainbow without a little rain.
Life is good, enjoying life more than good. Be thankful for what you have. It might not stay yours forever. So when you drink your coffee this morning, don't forget to say, "Dear God, I'm happy. Thank You so much." :)

..and here we go again ♥

I am a leader

SOLO CAMP! I think all of the 3rd batch of Sampoerna Academy Malang is now crushed with this holy days :D

Hey Smandasa beraksi
walau panas terik matahari
berulang kali Smandasa beraksi
bagiku itu langkah pasti
Hari-hari esok adalah milik kita
Smandasa SMA kita semua
Smandasa SMA yang paling jaya
SMA yang selalu juara
Marilah kawan mari kita nyanyikan
sebuah lagu, hey!
Tentang kemenangan.....

Arrived with National Soldier's truck (btw I swear every of them was a kindhearted and full with love), 3 days without fresh water, a damn hot day yet bloody cold night and dawn, a long walk through steep hills and valleys, woods, slept underneath the raincoats, and the amazing caraka night, r-o-y-c-o, gatsby, koya, whoaaaaa greeeaaaaat!
The view; thousands lights from the people's house beneath us, and stars, the sunsets, that rising sun, that gigantic chimney, the full moon... ah we didn't bring any camera or cellphones *cry*
Fireworks, bonfire, and a stormy performing art, and the pledge plus beret throwing. They are undeniably unrepeatable. Thank you!

The future stretched away in front of us―unknown―unseen.

The photo below was taken after we had a breakfast. Then Serabi Imut... wrote some vows and engagement on a spot of the wall.. 21, timezone, k-patats, walked around and silently enjoyed the drizzle :) Thank youuu very much for a very nice Friday. Dear you, my everything.

Take me to your place
where our hearts belong together
I will follow you
You're the reason that I breathe

You're the one, you're my inspiration
You're the one, kiss, you're the one
You're the light that would keep me safe and warm
You're the one, kiss, you're the one

Like the sun goes down, coming from above all

To the deepest ocean and highest mountain
Deep and real deep I can see now

"I will take you home."

Trick or Treat?!!!

Pathway to Leadership (me griping 2 balloons on forward)

SA Batch 3
The midterm test was over. I ate everything, Marcomm and Journalistic thingy... Wrote for this, and that one too, newspaper, made friend with the deadline, there were some events and (indeed) should be reported, wrote for one of famous national newspaper, being interviewed for regional newspaper also, and one more, the Dormitory Committee's Inauguration. For the dessert, last week, we got a pathway to leadership workshop, and yes, it was amazingly motivating and fun, Miss Kadek was totally inspiring and awesome! A lot of unpredictable stories and fun games..... She did rock!

Of course, all of them had their own bonus; I was like holding myself again at the night after the inauguration, where I sank along in the euphoria, sang and jumped along, pretend that I was a real senior high school girl haha (no offense); I also could travel outside the dorm on the school newspaper's lay-outing, there was a comfy and cozy traditional-looking cafe nearby Malang Post called D Kampoeng where I spent time waiting the travello.

Well, apparently, we almost reach the end of October..wait, yes? Halloween? Nope, I don't have any pumpkin around. I just need some fine wine, and you need to be nicer. Who are "you" then? It's not only about romance fyi. How about the wine? I'm gonna grab my glass this weekend. Wish us luck. :)


Beep Beep Agression!


I've got the homework to write a hundred numbers of multiple choice exercises two weeks ago. Lucky me, it was handwriting. Tired? Just try. I felt like I lost my right hand afterwards. Look at them :

As the digital generation, those 'formulas' above must be overwhelming our daily life. They instantly make everything easier in a fast snappy way. No need to waste the inks in vain, no need to waste our energies, no need to waste our money (read : time) or either to move from our comfort seat. Through the monitor we can be another Dora, explore the amazing sceneries in this universe. From the inside of the windows, we'll discover anything, the oldest chronicle up to the hottest gossip that happening. Simply type this and click that one and you're going to jump anywhere; to the furthermost galaxies, to the top of the world, to the deepest trenches, nevertheless to imagine how the heaven is. Also, a lot of social medias lie around in the internet presently. As teenager, who doesn't love to express our emotions and creativity? Therefore, it has always been the best choice to share them all, likewise, make us forget all of our problems.

Computer seems aid our life. What kind of drug is it? Heroine? That make us relax? Cocaine? and you'll be happy all the way? The ecstasy? which going to make you sank in that euphoria? The point is, we are addicted. Facebook, twitter, tumblr; almost everyone has one or even all of them. Tweeting rapidly, loads of images in your dashboard, billions notifications at the homepage; once you've signed in, you're going to post everything, and look, it's very interesting yet annoying. Yes, you throw your trouble away, but have you ever realize where it's going to fall? Indeed, anyone could share anything, and the ignominy included. The monitor lets you face your overseas friend, you'll be glad. It juxtaposes the distance, and sets apart the proximity. Sit along in front of the computer, forget the problem, forget the distance, forget the meals, forget the time, forget where have you been, and forget who's your mom. It simplifies the job. Over time, you're about to be comfort with the zone, too comfort to move, and as the second goes by, the lazier person you'll be. You might feel awesome but you just end up being awkward.

Who's the brainware? Who can't live without another now? Anyway, computer does without doubt give us its benefits more often than not. But don't be enslaved by them. N E V E R .


Beyond The Whiteboard

The image above shows us how Teacher is in people's mind. How about yours? How about the students' opinion? Are they allowed to grade their own teacher?

Well, it's very common nowadays. Have you graded them? Oh do you? You must be having your own favorite teacher or might be the 'no-no' ones. Don't be lie. You had one.

In the certain conditions, it can be useful and free of faults, indeed, with the appropriate ways. However, still, the respect term must be inveterate inside. With the rights of speaking up, it doesn't mean we (as student) can judge and mark our teacher freely in the public or everywhere; definitely, not. We have those cultures of politeness which provide the normative excuses to do such things. Obey that rules and both of sides will control their attitude towards each other.

Not only the students can learn from the teacher, but either the teacher can learn from their students. Teacher may do the mistakes too, and the students are allowed to correct them. It forms the spiritual atmosphere and certainly improves the quality of teaching. Teachers can evaluate how should they teach and provide the lessons. Have the students understood? Have they caught what the teachers offered? Teachers are going to discover what the students LIKE or DISLIKE about their teaching methods or whether the content was difficult or easy to absorb. The class might be more conducive if the teachers successfully make the pupils enjoy and comfort to seat there.

Anyway, grade itself means mark given for work in school. The teachers do work at school, ain't they? Grading them (with apostrophized, in the right way) means grading the parameter of the school or institution where the give they classes. Being a teacher is hard. Therefore they can't let them serve it alone. They deserved appreciations and so do the improvements. Students need them, and the teachers cannot let themselves teach no one. Yes, the students are not mature or experienced enough though. Most of them are still influenced by the emotion, labile, and fragile. And yes it's a fact that when the teachers could steal their pupils' eyes or heart and drive their emotions, there wouldn't be a very big deal in the learning process taken.

I swear gossiping our teacher is bad. But I'm not so naive, we need to let them know how we want them or the class to be. Well, I have my own favorite guru. She did make me like this. I just wonder how if all of the teachers in the world do the same things to their students.



"A Voteless People is a Hopeless People." I once savvied that phrase upon a night before The Dormitory's Election few weeks ago. Ya, seemed not to be outdone by government, my boarding school was bombarded with those ballots stuffs. The democracy's being misspelled lately, as it goes crazy.

As Wikipedia said, democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. While there is no universally accepted definition of "democracy," equality and freedom have both been identified as important characteristics of democracy since ancient times. Elections have been the usual mechanism by which modern representative democracy has operated since the 17th century. Elections in Indonesia have taken place since 1955.

Direct, public, independent, private, fair, and conscionable are the characteristics of it. Fair, has it been fair enough? Let's see.

I'm not even 16 yet. But politic is not 'juju' anymore in my ears, and so is the democracy. Election exists to fuse both of them. It's the simplest way to express our freedom. It could be done directly nearby your home and no need to make a huge gathering in a place like in the ancient time. You'd be independent to choose any choice in a private chamber. You'd only have once opportunity to vote with the ink on your little finger when you've done yours. Therefore, the idea of election made the democratic party run well as a fair condition.

In another side, there are intersections among its process where the frauds may appear. At the time, there would be a campaigns party everywhere. The banners, orations, brochures, pamphlets, printed-tshirts, and so on. Where were the frauds? If anyone could show where the boundary of fairness takes place nowadays, it would be easy to answer that question. How can we decide which one was the fraud and which one's fair? Looks so hazy and foggy. Besides, the campaign party always made those eyesores. The parties became on fire with the competitions and forgot the goal of campaigning itself. It built some monopoly that under17 kid like me knew nothing. They say Politic is crafty yet cunning. The more they're powerful, the more opportunity of authorizing the 'power' they have.

Anyway, here is Lincoln's famous phrase; government of the people, by the people, and for the people. So, it returns to our hands. How we handle it and make some actions that is real and clear. My teacher said this, ask not what your country has given to you, but ask what you have given to your country. Fasten your safety belt , get ready and get set. Your vote is your voice. Be heard. Let's make a better country, Indonesia waits for you.


Little Red Riding Books

No, I'm not mistyping my title. I'm not talking about the story your Grandmomma told you when you were younger, but it's about my youngest cousin. I just wonder why an Elementary School Student who should be willing to go home with giggles and chuckles, hugged her mum and dad like how they wondered, and she did not.

She came home with her heavy bag (yes, instead of basket) which full of homework books (indeed, not the breads).

Away from the woods where The Little Red met the wolf, school becomes doubted about its paradigm as the 'second home'. Why? Every time we heard the teacher said the sacred word : Homework, we'd hope we never came back home.

How sacred it sounds for us?
At a glance, according to the dictionary, homework is work that a pupil does away from school. Yes, it makes them who haven't done it at home will be kicked out from the class. (Have you?) Refers to its goal as the way for students on sharpening their knowledge with exercises and preparations, homework's equipped with a precious messages called discipline. For them who own so many activities, homework's set in order of the time management. Furthermore, homework with a clear state of 'home' will personalizes the home-crews, there are Mom, Dad, and The siblings. The parents can be involved in the plot and control how their lovely sons or daughters do their school thingy. Yet, the atmosphere of a beautiful family constructs the enthusiasm of learning process. Moreover this kind of activity offers more time and a wider place to explore the sea of knowledge. Many different resources, ways, and things to do with the certain parts. As we know that we cannot only stand on the theory. Practicing the lessons would be fun and nevertheless we can discover something new which the world never realize.

How dare folks defeat the term is a different thing. Wiktionary tells its meaning with an additional example: You must do your homework before you can watch television. Then how if there are so many homeworks till you can't sleep or even eat? Does it build the fences between you and happiness? When this question's delivered to the High School pupils they put that rolling eyes for the answer. The more homework we get, the lesser time for being alive we have. The secondly reason for daring upon this is when I typed the word homework at the Urban Dictionary as I wanted to take a look on how nowadays people think about it. It was stated that, homework is unnecessary as it is given to students who have already spent the majority of the day at school. I just take one of so many different opinions there. Well, every people has their own perspective though. But this opinion shows that, actually it sounds harmful for us. It takes more time and effort to be done while it goals to sharpen our knowledge. But it's not only one subject offers the homework. If all of the teachers give us one in every lesson, how long it takes to be done? Beside the consideration to focus on each homework, of course.

How heavy the assessment we get is depending on how we lift it. Homework is relative yet absolute. If you wanna play The Hide & Seek with it, just choose to be the Seeker and never stop to discover. Because they're smarter enough to catch you while you're home. Enjoy or die. Do or regret. Soon, you'll miss home a lot after finding no work to be done at home when you're gonna be overtime at the office.

Sweetless Custards

My tongue's getting outta commission lately. I can't remember whether that one is sugar and this one must be the salt. It just felt lenten and.. I call my syndrome as The Custard Syndrome−it sounds weird but it's true. And what to blame? These 'custards' rushed me, the sleepless sang me those lullabies, and a month without post?

Let me tell you the ingredients of the Custard.

50% Ecsotic
(Homework(sss-leepover), Group assessments, Presentations)
23% Media
(Dorm Election, School Election, Newspaper, Marcom)
12% Dormitory Committee
(Developing the programmes)
10% Love
(Jet lags, Bus(y)ness)
4% Manta ray
1% Saw Sharpener

See where did I miss the tsp of sugars or peppers? Of course I missed a lot of flavors and I keep on feeding myself with this horrible sauces. No offense but, when I got the bills, I'd like not to see my purse. I'll use my ATM. Still pointless though.


Hey, leftovers on your plate dude.

Is it me being small or is it the universe got so big? I don't know what drove me to remember these things that I used to know four years ago. Yes, the year I did blogwalking through this people my entry will talk about.
The year 2009 by Sindhu (my JHS friend) told me about the band named pee wee gaskins. Their genre were so teenage and fresh, and directly made me sink in. I loved googling, no I'm keeping do, anything, whenever I got so curious about something (I think so does everyone) so I googled this band's name and.. pop! I found their myspace, they were so famous that time (I mean, in that period they were still an indie, ya) I fell deeper, I found Dochi, and his blog. His twitter. When he were still using hashtag 'askdochi' haha I still remember, then I knew Alexandra Molly, and Sonia Eryka: two young ladies who inspired me much afterwards. Tonight I miss them, and find all of this cast-offs :)

14. Be patient when you take forever to get ready. on June 22 2010 - 25 Things I'd do if you're my girlfriend. So cute, Dochi haha

..on May 22 2010, the time I found Sonia getting close with Dochi, and dissolved on a topic on their own blogs about Girls Facts that Sonia earlier wrote. I copied the cutest part(s). Ya, boys like girls but they aren't :p

(the italic words are written by Dochi and another pink by Sonia)
4. Saying something sweet might get you off the hook. Say it frequently and we're gonna think you're an asshole. and the fact that you said "don't ever lie to us" what if it's the truth? girls are sweet.
11. We hate your ex- girlfriends. and we hate yours too.
16. When you're hanging out with some of your pretty girl friends (or worse, your flirty ex girlfriend), you make us feel insecure, and we hate that. believe me, we know

(and, I found this on Jessays' - She's a girl by the way. I put it here as ensuring that.. you know.. Hers are red.)
6.Don't sing us corny love songs. (Some girls might loooove that, but I hate that. Just DON'T ever sing me Secondhand Serenade.) so we're on the same page :)
11. We hate your ex- girlfriends. and sometimes they hate us too
16. When you're hanging out with some of your pretty girl friends (or worse, your flirty ex girlfriend), you make us feel insecure, and we hate that. well it's okay with me but please don't sit next to her

..one more, according to Dochi,
AWESOME THINGS #203: Listening to couples tell you how they met.
Cute, cuddly, giggly, smiling, holding hands wedged deeply in the restaurant booth. Picking nachos, sipping cola, you casually ask how they met and then listen with warm wide-eyed smiles as they stutter and stumble over all the little details and tiny moments that helped bring them together.

He did this, she did that, he was thinking this, she was thinking that. She thought he thought, but he thought she thought, and then there was this party, and then there was that night.

Just look at them.


Well, most dust particles in your house are made from dead skin. :)


Brand new Smiles.

Since I've chosen Social class and it's been Social Five, life meant overflowing with belly dances, bellyaches and happiness. I laughed a lot, I learnt a lot, and spoke out loud till I float -_- hehe
One night we held a breakfasting together with Social Four as a United Social, and it-was-a-very-great-explosive-blast!!!!! There were no fences, there were freedom and blissfulness, in fact at the same time Manta ray (there were 3 batches, daystudents, all of the Student Advisors too), but we, Banin, Nicky, Ocha, and I would jump across the valley for that! The night was damning.

Last month my hypotension successfully descended my sparrrtaaahhh and yes, my antenna got shriveled like a muchomucho :( But plop! SuperMatthew came along and aroused it :D what a surprise, we had a morning call, and blah blah blah we talked like nothing went wrong, and when the homecoming bells rang Bu Retna told me somebody was there waiting for me at dorm. And he was. Got my slaps, punches, then my day turned adorably amazing :)) We had nicely done a dinner at our favorite spot, a plate for two. He played some touchy silly songs and I fused thru the wind. Okay I digress.
The next day he chaperoned me until I touched the class, prayer together, and xoxoxo I only could see him from the upstairs till his topknot and slant smirk disappeared by the end of the road.

Insomnia hits me. Well two nights ago I chewed a savory discussion with Matthew about Indonesia as yesterday was its anniversary of Independence. At the end it's all just about what we've got and served. My idea was, nowadays we'll find the independence in the interstice of the clouds. In his opinion, this kind of independence itself is only a camouflage, seems clot but only a fume that empty; it's only seen and real when it rains. When we just compromise but too powerless to make any changes, what we are going to be is, at least, be our children's heroes. Yah it's not rhyme enough, but, DIRGAHAYU 67 INDONESIA!!! Xx.


The Ink goes Real :)

Namanya Kugy. Mungil, pengkhayal, dan berantakan.
Dari benaknya, mengalir untaian dongeng indah.
Keenan belum pernah bertemu manusia seaneh itu.
Namanya Keenan. Cerdas, artistik, dan penuh kejutan.
Dari tangannya, mewujud lukisan-lukisan magis.
Kugy belum pernah bertemu manusia seajaib itu.

Dan kini mereka berhadapan di antara hamparan misteri dan rintangan.
Akankah dongeng dan lukisan itu bersatu?
Akankah hati dan impian mereka bertemu?

(Teaser - April 2012)
Banyak yang tahu betapa saya menggilai Perahu Kertas karya Dee (Dewi Lestari) ini. Tiga tahun yang lalu, Deni Rosalina yang telah baik hati memilihkannya untuk saya baca. Setahun kemudian, buku itu berpindah tangan. Ke orang yang salah, yang saya dengar telah membakarhabisnya.
Tak berbekas--tidak. Buku dan seisi ceritanya sudah terpatri di benak saya. Saya suka buku ini, buku yang menurut sebagian pembaca Dee terkesan paling pop di antara karya-karyanya yang lain (yang lebih didominasi oleh bahasa sci-fi).
Buku ini mengantar dan mengajarkan saya ke banyak destinasi ajaib. Sosok Kugy, yang pada akhirnya merasukki saya, karakter nyentrik yang supel, berantakan, aneh, dan cuek. Terlalu imajinatif untuk anak seumurannya, dan suka menulis.
PS. Dulu saya sering memakai jam kura-kura ninja (walau pun itu terhitung sebelum saya mengenal novel ini. Lagipula saya juga baru tahu sebutan jam kura-kura ninja setelah membacanya).
Ojos. Remaja laki-laki idaman para perempuan awam, romantis, namun overprotective. Semu.
Keenan. Blesteran yang sedikit dingin tapi halus, cerdas, realistis, dan cenderung tertata.
Kugy yang berpacaran dengan Ojos dari SMA harus menjalani LDR karena Kugy melanjutkan kuliah di Bandung.
Pertemuan-pertemuan aneh yang mempertemukan Keenan dengan Kugy membuat keduanya terlarut dalam sebuah perasaan yang tak bisa ditembus dengan mudah. Keduanya kuliah di satu universitas (Keenan di Fakultas Ekonomi sedangkan Kugy di Fakultas Satra). Hingga suatu saat, pasangan Noni (Sahabat karib Kugy) dan Eko (sepupu Keenan) menjodohkan Keenan dengan Wanda, Kurator mentereng yang metropolis.
Cerita berlanjut dan Kugy pun harus mengakhiri hubungannya dengan Ojos. Di sisi lain Keenan yang tak sepenuhnya memberi hatinya untuk Wanda terlibat sebuah konflik yang juga harus mengakhiri hubungan mereka.
Kugy menyelesaikan kuliahnya dalam semester pendek dan kembali ke Jakarta, sedangkan Keenan lulus dengan IP tinggi namun memutuskan untuk pergi ke Bali meneruskan bakat terpendamnya sebagai pelukis. Di Bali, Keenan bertemu dengan Luhde, perempuan hitam manis, berperingai halus yang sedikit demi sedikit menyembuhkan luka di hatinya. Di sisi lain, Kugy pun menjalin hubungan dengan atasannya sekaligus teman Abang Kugy, Remi.
Waktu dan ruang kembali mempertemukan mereka. Hati keduanya kembali diuji.
Keenan yang sebelumnya tinggal di Armsterdam bersama Oma yang sangat ia cintai... Kugy yang sejak SMA sudah katam menjadi pemenang lomba menulis, penulis cerpen majalah, ketua Jurnalistik SMA... Ojos yang emosional. Wanda yang sudah matang. Remi yang tulus dan melihat sisi lain Kugy. Luhde yang sabar dan selalu menyayangi Keenan.
Mengapa Perahu Kertas? Kugy mempunyai hobi rutin yang ia lakukan hingga kini, menulis surat kepada Neptunus. Neptunus? Pertama karena zodiaknya Aquarius. Kedua, surat itu ia jadikan perahu kertas lalu ia hanyutkan ke laut, karena saat kecil, Abangnya memberitahunya bahwa di sanalah Neptunus berada. Sejak ia pindah ke kota, Kugy menghanyutkannya lewat sungai di sekitar rumahnya, walau ia tahu Neptunus tak pernah ada.
Ada sebuah quote yang selalu saya ingat,
"Berputar dahulu menjadi yang bukan kita demi menjadi diri kita lagi."
Keenan disadarkan Kugy bahwa mereka sedang berada di sebuah planet bernama Realita. Di malam yang sama, ketika Kugy memberi Keenan sebuah buku tua, di mana Kugy menuliskan dongeng-dongengnya. Ya, Kugy bercita-cita menjadi seorang Juru Dongeng. Keenan memikirkan perkataan Kugy itu dan mulai tenggelam dalam dongeng-dongeng Kugy. Ia mulai menggambarkan ilustrasi-ilustrasi karakter di dongeng tersebut dengan tangannya sendiri yang pada akhirnya ia kembalikan pada Kugy.
Seperti Perahu Kertas yang dihanyutkan di sungai, di parit, di empang, namun akan selalu bermuara ke pantai.
Sepuluh tahun alur cerita ang sangat menenggelamkan setiap pembacanya.

Miraculous Yogyakerdah.

Masih seperti dulu
Tiap sudut menyapaku bersahabat penuh selaksa makna
Terhanyut aku akan nostalgi saat kita sering luangkan waktu
Nikmati bersama suasana Jogja




PS. Maaf gara-gara maksa nunggu Bear Monyo harus ketinggalan transjogja terakhir buat pulang :')

With Auntie's mcycle we watched this!

PS. I really love the Fireworks part. Naughty you got my blush when you didn't wanna take your eyes off of me :')) Having dinner at WSS.. brought me home to Rania's then bloody cute the bus has gone we went to Gemichi's and you got lost haha :'D

Aloon-Aloon Kidul :)

After shopped along at Ambarukmo Plaza, did timezone and yes I losed again >< having lunch and we went to this exotic place (unfortunately Tamansari Fort's on renovation hiks) ....what a night. :))

Deeply in love with this picture.

We rode the thunders bicycle and en'circle'd the square twice. Sang along, staying insane.

(Your capture :p)
PS. Our mcycle got outta gas, fueled tummies, and a warm nite at Gemichi's xx



PS. He beat me again with more drowned score :O ..and what a sweet touch nearby 0.0 haha oh, and a fantastic dinner with fam (after we ate roti bakar :p) Serba Italiano!

Nanamia Pizzeria.


PS. Got lost again. No bus again. I brought you dorm and went home myself. But doMPet made one more chance to one last touch :') so sorry to make you ran away so far that nite...

Aaaaah. What-an-amazing-dream. Like I don't wanna be awaken. Let me sleep forever. But time rolls over and here I miss him badly and getting worse each second. Keep my notes nyo, gak boleh nakal :) We still share the same moon and stand underneath the big sky. I'll be there on two years, don't get tired to wait me. God bless you, Miracle.

"Yogyakarta... Dan segala yang terpercik di setiap putaran rodanya. Terima kasih ya. Indah sekali. :)