Becax Cinta

(..the same date, the same partner :)

Met this rebel boy! Sena Sindhu Sunja Sasyadara Ramadhan (and Ata actually but I didnt capture him haha -_-)
They knew us and followed along "Get jamming tomorrow!"

...and tons of hugs and kisses for this girl my lovely partner, Cake!


My cellphone didnt want to spark up and we still refilled our power (we're puff girls rite) at Limbuk. Anyway, glam night! :D




Bunches of fun! Monster day, April 16th at Kintamani (at last, again! though unfortunately without Meg and Wangking). Miss the breeze. The memories. A lot! :D

No Make Up Just Mess Up




What Has Mop Done?

Earth Hour