Malang Tempoe Doeloe I


Twisted Ice with Matthew :)

FPPI's performance :) Well night came up and I have to join back with AJour to eat some deadlines at Malang Post. Huuuyya..

(Above and two others at the beginning at this post are originally taken by Catte and Banin)

Me, featuring (right to left) Catte, Banin, Mas Virgi, and Wicak - the team from today's deadline, since morning til moaning :')

I don't know whether have to say it lucky or not that I went dorm by Travello with Inggil team and yes, the tiring day was awfully sweet xx

The Eldest :) Part 01



Thanks a lot May for being a very mewi bewi blasted ah-mazingly awesome :D This post and maybe 2 others were taken at 26 and 27, a very 'long' fascinating weekend. (At 26, early, I got the job for YEP's photoshoot. Continued by reporting the news of above's photos you've seen.) Proud of my seniors. I call it Part 1 because yesterday I got a loads of photos too at the 1st Batch Graduation, and.. both of these entries may be alike but since tomorrow would be the 1st day of Semester Exam and I have no time to post the others, I'm about to separate it into two parts. (Still the same day and at noon I go to Malang Tempo Doeloe for some reports again, then ended warmly at Malang Post. Journalistics must be chilling me up anyway haha gak penting banget ya ampun tulisanku barusan ya -_- okay, you'd better take a bowl of popcorn and enjoy :)