Road to Pacitan


 Agaiiiiin! I don't know whether I have to be like this -_- or this :D but ya.. let's eat some fun.
Actually there was no plan to stop at this place but we made a joke of it just by a very few minutes before suddenly we found that sign :

 ..and yes. here we go ...



 his bedroom. no moved stuffs.

 left-right : mba deni (the purple one), stella (behind the door), mba desi, om yoto, ceca, mum, rania, gema, mba reni, om anton & om koko. me? behind the lens.


Like mother like daughter.




(candid by mum)

aaand, this one, i've just found kalo.. nasi kucing itu bener2 mungil segini yang sumpah langsung bikin gemes setengah mati :

Parent's Day IJHS '12


Hey Ponorogo! Attended Parent's Day & Business Day 2012 of IJHS last Saturday. I felt so tall on my own heels. There was a thing different for me - the atmosphere wasn't the same. I don't know. And thanks for @salmangrees for the photos. They're so much taller and mature now :D



Here is my bucket list.

1. No remedies.
2. Graduated from SHS
3. Gadjah Mada University
4. Sideline on a magz
5. Roll around with EO thingy
6. Own mac
7. Buy fit lens
8. Have above 1000 twitter followers
9. Set up space-nuanced gateau shop & diner
10. Launch my authorized book
11. Meet Hayley Williams
12. Have my own concert (with million audiences)
13. Own an all-white house
14. Married by 24
14,5. It should be with him
15. Travel the world
16. Kissed in front of Eiffel
17. Have 2 kids.
18. Face the Time Square
19. Crowd surf
20. Attend a masquerade
21. Doodle my bedroomwall
22. A walk-in closet
23. Jeffrey Campbell's Platform Collection
24. Spend Christmas on Disneyland
25. Ride the Big Eye
26. Be a moviestar
27. Work for NatGeo
28. Attend NY Fashion Week
29. Go on a no-budget shopping spree
30. Go to a party in Broadway
31. Visit Rome
32. School reunion on the top of skyscraper
33. Be a cover girl
34. Host a talk show
35. Inspire the world
36. Laugh free
37. See my kids grow as theirselves
37,5. Be their hero
38. See them graduated
39. See them reach their dreams
40. See them married
41. Play with my grandchildren
42. A second honeymoon
43. Have a timeless breakfast with someone I love the most. Share everything about everything.
44. Spend my eve at the coffee parlour with mac & all memories inside.
45. Enjoy the tea & morningdew with my grandchildren's grandpa at the terrace
46. Enjoy his smile at his 70s
47. Celebrate our 100th Anniversary
48. Meet Pope
49. Pay off all of the charges made.
49,5. Any other possible thing can be added anytime.
50. Die with no regrets.

Finn at 20:28


Only If

When the world gets too heavy put it on my back, I'll be your levy. You are taking me apart like bad glue on a get well card. It was always you falling for me. Now there's always time calling for me. I'm the Light blinking at the end of the road. Blink back to let me know. I'm a Fly that's trapped in a web. But I'm thinking that my spider's dead. Lonely, lonely little life. I could kid myself by thinking that I'm fine. That I'm skin and bone. Just a cane and rusty throne. All the castle's under siege. But the sign outside says leave me alone.
-Panic! at the Disco

I love this song. Everyone does. But have you ever asked how if you're on that position?

I am now the Fly. I let myself trapped in a web only for the Spider. But actually he's dead. And I'm alone, only on my own. I never felt this pain before. A pain of vain. I won't let me deceive myself. People may say that a great woman can put a smile on her face, act like everything is fine, even when there's a big scar in her heart. Fake.
I know I'm not great.
I let the world know how terrible it hurt me. I thought, when I only pretend that I'm fine despite say the truth, then I'm not even strong enough to face the reality--I still do.

When we try to be honest, even if by ignoring our highest pride, sometimes, they will reward us even more.
My spider isn't dead. It's just misguided and I am gonna find it as soon as my wings could flutter. You know I know you're there. :)

About the image, remember something? Severus Snape? Me to.
Yes, it's not my own 'story'