Platform 16 ¾

Good. The class is now empty and it's raining out there. Perfect time for starting the line.

First thing of this all, NUGGET KINGKONG won the conference last Sunday. Praise The Lord, we stood there on the stage with three other teams: Lion on Environment, Komodo on Science, and Rhino on Community Service. Congratulation for the winners! We did it!!! For the additional, beside sold out, over 5 kg orders are await!

It was a hard time though, as we still had our junior's movienite on the night before. But it ran with all of the chances and challenges, till we, finally, called as the one. Thank you dear you all, thank you, and thank you.
Talk about that night.. Levy (my twinnie) and I discussed some topics which will be related to my entry. I'll tell you..later.

The next day, Monday showed me his backside! Well, maybe he's been hiding this for a long time, since our grandpapa was a baby or maybe since God made the universe. I still can't believe it+was+even+Monday. The weather seems really want to make me fly! Bazaar, new pals, lens, and friends. life's good :)

We proudly presented.. Career Day.

You know, I have to confess something. Being the official photographer of this school is amazing. For more than a year, I have tasted almost hundred moments without being attached but free. Free here means, like.. yesterday. I could move to any directions or section as I wanted to go, without being asleep in the middle of the colloquy or discourse. I tell you, it is a big fat blessing! Especially if you know how I am :p
It fits my hobbies and interest, it fits my mind, it fits my passion. One thing left, it's not being paid with dollars. But people said money cant buy happiness haha

Well, career day is a big event though it's less prepared than classmeeting thingy I guess. But it's great yes it was. From my eyes, I loved the way each speakers encourage the students to realize something; Success can't come by itself.
After having a general speech from Ms Novi, there was bazaar from the x graders. The students (also added by the campus 1) being separated into two big groups. One would sit in the lighthouse still, half other would be spread into some panels. There were five panels, led by a speaker which came from their own profession and position among the society. Maybe, if I was one of them who sat along in a panel, I would sleep. But, I always came to every panel at the right time. It was when they're doing some jokes or interesting parts. Most of them were the main ideas, and once more, God rocks.

Finished with panel stuffs, I went to the lighthouse and it was chilling me up. It's about the personality types! I came right when the students were divided into groups. Ternyataaa mereka sedang ber'gaul' dengan anak-anak lain yang punya tipe kepribadian sama.
Pangestu explained briefly in details what have they been doing there and it directed me to...
INFJ personality type.

Here is how it works:

There are 4 letters there. Mine are I, N, F, and J.
I for introvert, N for intuitive, F for feeler, and J for judging.

Actually there are 16 personality types. You can search by typing on google: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI. To choose which one are you, you need at least 7 points, for each letters. So there will be no balance choice.
(How you focus their attention or get their energy) Extrovert x Introvert
(How you perceive or take in information) Sensing x Intuition
(How you prefer to make decisions) Thinker x Feeler
(How you orient yourself to the external world) Judging x Perceiver

INFJ is the rarest of types, usually accounted as being between 1–3% of the population.

INFJs are conscientious and value-driven. They seek meaning in relationships, ideas, and events, with an eye toward better understanding of themselves and others. Using their intuitive skills, they develop a clear and confident vision, which they then set out to execute, aiming to better the lives of others. Like their INTJ counterparts, INFJs regard problems as opportunities to design and implement creative solutions. INFJs have a rich, vivid inner life that they may be reluctant to share with those around them. Nevertheless, they are congenial in their interactions and perceptive of the emotions of others. INFJs tend to be sensitive, quiet leaders with a great depth of personality. They are intricately, deeply woven, mysterious, highly complex, and often puzzling, even to themselves. They have an orderly view toward the world but are internally arranged in a complex way that only they can understand. Abstract in communicating, they live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. With a natural affinity for art, INFJs tend to be creative and easily inspired, yet they may also do well in the sciences, aided by their intuition.

That's why we're called as The Counselors :)
Each personality types have their own strengths and weakness, and each of them have their own tendency of occupations. And all of the list fits me on the maximum!

Away from it, I said I will tell you something, no?
*inhale* *exhale* ....it's related to my title, the platform. By the next week, I'm going older. It's not about birthday. It's beyond the things I called as celebration.

Levy touched 17 earlier, last February. That night, we coincidentally talked about my birthday. She said,
"Birthday next week huh?" and the dialog began.
I said, "Haha, I don't feel like it's a thing. No need somebody to remind me I'm older. Actually *grimace*"
"You know? You feel right alike as what I felt last birthday."
"You did? You're my twin--no offense. Me feel nothing..like.. so what? Everyone is going to say 'hey happy birthday, wish you all the best, stay cute, longlast' without mean a thing. see? they're gonna do what common people should do when hear a happy birthday notification. I told you, it's not a thing. You know? Almost one year I didn't do a happy birthday message or remarks to everyone. Idk, i just see every other people did it in front of me, even it's for my close pals, but i just didn't. no, it doesn't mean i'm that mean.. if i did't say anything, did i don't wish him/her the best? nope.. what they seek? last time i gave it, it's for mom and matthew. why? I only say it when i mean it. when i'd love to. are we too extreme? i Just need one new thing. it's enough. Nope, no. New means.. it's new. not only my new, but, it's really.. new."
"Nope. We really mean the same thing pod. I just did that when it was close to my day, until i realized something. The last night I was 16, I just went sleep by thinking what people was planning to do for me tommorow. They'll say happy birthday, my room mate will surprise me. Classmate will throw anythings upon my body, they'll give the gifts, and I even can guess every single thing I'll get. Yes, I'm older, being 17, close to death, and everyone give me their surprise like celebrate it. thank you. You know who's done that? Made me realize?"
"Who? *I said some names*"
*she shooks* *then said a name, her closest bestfriend.*
"She didn't do or say anything."
"By the day, she didn't say anything to me, even a happy birthday. It's weird pod! She's my closest pal, and she didn't do anything. I texted her, complaining, and she left in silence. Y'know? Afters days, I just came to the class.. sat. then i walked and found something on the teacher's table. covered by newspaper, and there was my name. everyone's exciting. and when i opened it, it was the skecth you usually see on my wardrobe. There was no other words, unless.. a sentence; You only seventeen once. I know it's from her, but she never admit it. I asked her to sign it, but she just said, 'it belongs to you. not my right to sign upon it.' Pod, that was the only gift that could make me creeping. Even I got that big dolls, or something, still, that one. It reminds me how much longer I'm here."



Kingkong Returns.

Been currently busy with this thing :

There are still 5 projects remaining in my big rock list:
- SAYC (Sampoerna Academy Youth Conference)
- Career Day
- XII Grade's Graduation
- XI Grade's Final Exam
- Spectrum of Art

Kingkong is my team's brand for SAYC project : Enterpreneurship.
Actually it is abbreviation for kulit singkong (read: cassava peel), because it would be the main materials of our product, nugget!

Right, I'll make you clear what is SAYC itself. It is a competition for the 3rd batch of Sampoerna Academy (I don't know whether other city's doing so). There are 4 divisions for every house: Science, Enterpreneur, Environment, and Community Service. Me with 3 others of Manta ray are incorporated to deal with The Enterpreneuship. Yes, there were about 36 teams trying to create and develop their brilliant ideas in forming their own proposal.
By the next month, half of the teams were announced to go ahead and make theirs real. Since that day, my team keeps trying to spin our cases and ideas, it's very hard tho, with all other projects are handed. Even so, we could produce our Kingkong in samples, then tried spread the questionnaires around the dorm :) Thank you all! Hope we can make it real and produce more for you! Hope you like it still, and wish everything's gonna be fine...


A Chackle.

Some weeks ago, I had some chatters with Pangestu in the travello. We were on our way going back to dormitory when this topic happened.

Try to look around. Cars, motorcycles, and exhausts mill everywhere. For about 94,2 million of motor vehicles exist in this country. Everyone seems glad to own a motorcycle, even people buys a new car everyday. Yet when you think yours is outdated. You sell it, then buy the newest one.  The demand rises, and so does the supply. Who supplies? Who's being broken and rotten?

Is it a dregs land or what..?

But who cares. Everybody is proud to ride their own cars. It's kinda.. the confidence and prestige which induces all the people to cause this traffic. Well, self-regard makes you no longer rich, dudes. Look, who's poor now. Look who pays more for the fuel which has been produced by..o-oh.
It runs this way; you produce, you sell, it's reproduced, you buy much more expensive, you keep consuming (for you prestiges), it makes you more and more damaged, then you die with it.

C'mon, use your feet. With 302,908,880 feet, how dare a hundred million exhausts are still used here?! Dear a family whom mom, dad, son, daughter, and grandpa has their own car, please look away to where all of your trashes come. Their numbers are so much far below us, but they looks younger, healthier, even richer. Their governments are much more concerned on how make the public transports work. Indeed, they could gain more income. Of course, it would be back on the country then. They really manage the cycles, not only damage them.

..I'll stop the whole world
From turning into a monster, eating us alive
Don't you ever wonder, how we survive?
Well, now that you're gone, the world is ours....

When is it going to be really ours?


Just red it this morning :')

[No Subject]

My Lovely ViVid xl

Sun, May 19, 2013 at 5:54 PM

Halo Nduk gmn khabarnya? Doa mama selalu semoga Vivid selalu sehat,selamat dan bahagia,,lancar dan sukses kini dan nanti,amien! Oya mama pesan Vivid selalu hati2 dlm hal apapun ya..bukan apa2...skrg Vivid sdh mulai besar dan beranjak remaja. Sdh mulai banyak hal yg dilakukan,dikerjakan dan mnjd tugas dan tanggung jwb Vivid. Mulai dr pekerjaan kecil yg berhubungan dg diri sendiri sampai tugas2 yg menuntut tggjwb besar berhubungan dg org lain. Mama pesan Vivid hrs hati2 dan bersikap dewasa dan bijaksana.. Mulai dr hal2 sehari2 yg berhubungan dg listrik (setrika,mesin cuci,internet dll)..hati ya Nduk..jgn sampai kena setrum jd hrs kerja yg smart n wasapada. Trus berhubungan dg air..mandi,pel dll..jgn sampai kepleset yg nduk. Makan..krn Vivid ada keturunan diabet (dr papa..diabet itu nyilang kalo yg kena papa biasanya ke anak prempuan,kl yg kena ibu biasanya ke anak lak2)..mk vivid hrs jaga pola makan ya..jgn trllu suka yg manis2 ya Nduk. Semunay hrs dr diri sndiri yg jaga. Mama cuma bs mengingatkan. Trus ke depan krn Vivid akan kuliah dan bekerja so Vivid jg hrs pandai2 memanaje diri sndiri baik mengatur waktu,melakukan rutinitas atau pekerjaan sehari2..krn kalo hal2 kecil sehari2( spt mandi,makan,tdr,dll) sdh teratur mk kl ketambahan tugas2 lainnya kita tdk akan mudah stress krn kita akan mudah menyesuaikan..dan sdh terbiasa gerak dg waktu yg teratur. maaf kalo mama cerewet gini..semua hanya demi utk kebaikan Vivid..mama gak ingin vivid alami sakit dan hal2 yg tdk diinginkan. Dan mama cuma bs menasehati dan menngingatkan. Oya jgn pernah lupakan Tuhan Yesus ya Nduk. Tetap berdoa..Tuhan Yesus memberkatimu. Amien..

luv and pray
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Me.. me.. me...

1. Some people call me Poise, some of them only see me as a dumb. Really, I'm just an introvert.
2. Dangerous and Sweet. Half cat/half tiger. Sometimes I forget that I'm a girl.
3. Gimme Winehouse or Paramore and see the real me! ;)
4. Imma sci-fi lover
5. I can doodle all over your wall if you allow me to do so. Don't worry about the result.
6. I was a vocalist, and lead guitarist.
7. I'm suck at makeups.
8. Can be oversharp sometimes. Hot, and spicy.
9. An advanced weirdo.
10. I used to get score under 5 for English when I was in 5 grade.
11. I was an olymp-geek.
12. I hate taking people a narcissist/aware shoot, actually.
13. A coffeaddict.
14. A choleric yet melancholic person, with a party girl/rock n roll sense maybe. I used to think that I'm a sanguine. But it's only another homosocial sense--everyone did so.
15. I have experienced a cheerleading.
16. I'm not a talent. Mom once wanted to put me in to a Modelling school and I know she might be true :p
17. I've tasted LDR twice.
18. TALK NERD TO ME!!!!!
19. I took two times kindergaten-hood. I was B grade in my first kindergaten when Mom and Pop brought me to another kindergaten where I had to repeat from playgroups.
20. I was born in 96 but, officially written as 97.
21. I have tasted acceleration class in Grade 2 until 4 in Surabaya.
22. I hate blood.
23. I hate clown.
24. I used to have Athazagoraphobia, I hate being alone, closely to fear, until on a bornfire ritual, I break it. Seriously, I can do many things by myself afterwards. Independent? I don't know. Some people say it's antisocial, but it's not. I still need everyone around. But not afraid about it.
25. I can tell you Harry Potter in detail.
26. I want to be skinnier.
27. I want to be a NatGeo or RollingStoneMagz part.
28. I have a bucketlist.
29. I am a pure bookworm. You produce what you consume; then I seriously love writing anything.
30. I firstly walked at 10 months old.
31. My first words are.. 'apu' for lampu (lamp) and 'apu-apu' for 'sapu-sapu' (sweeping).
32. I didn't consume the breastmilk.
33. I'm a bad listener :(
34. I hate Taylor Swift and Selena. I love Miley and Demi like xxxrazy.
35. I hate sport activity, even my boyfriend is a totally sporty.
36. I love stalking, and when I do, it can (and should) be the most detail result.
37. Some people say I have a very bad sense of humour. Bisa ngakak terhadap hal yang orang pikir gak lucu sama sekali sekali pun dan sebaliknya, dan please, let me explain. Some friends know what is it existed inside my brain. So I have a system (bukan kotak tertawanya spongebob, bukan, yah, semacamlah) that will give any additional effects upon my perspective of moments. Don't get it? It's ok.
38. I learn by visual.
39. Suck at numeral.
40. I really want a headset. Anytime I bought the new one, it was broken.
41. A Traveller wanna-be.
42. I don't know how to deal with a compliment.
43. Susah basa-basi.
44. I love to sit right by the windows side in the car/bus, especially when it passed on a leafy street. I love to look up and see the sunshine passes them. breezy..
45. I love to look down at the citylights. I always dream to stand behind the apartment window that is wiiideeeee... and.. got a good angle of viewpoint.
46. Wanna add something?


Just Pick Yourself Up and Sing!

   Life is just a Bowl of Cherries, sometimes it's afraid filled with worries..
   Don't be afraid, when things go wrong, just be strong..

   When thing seems up in the air, and everything is so unfair,
   and you stumble and fall..!
   Just pick yourself up and sing.............
   If one day you lose your way, just remember one thing, My Friend.
   When you're under a cloud, just visit music and sing.............
   If one day you lose your way, just remember that I'm here to stay!

   Don't you give up..! Keep your chin up,

   ..and be happy!

You know how mess I'd been. I lose some of my parts, and these some parts have taught me to grow up! :)) *blowing bugles*

Ya.. since I puked em outta my life, I became a greedy horrible godzilla which is ready to eat everyone.
Thanks, God, that godzilla has gone. I'm back.

Look at my bed, look inside my closet, look at my room, even my laptop.. It's been cleaned up! Yes of course, I heal myself. I fix those missing parts, and I'm repaired :D
Prayer, saying thanks, saying sorry, forgiving, and helping others are a serious small things called Medicine, buddies, ..and Music. Never, ever, underestimate this one thing. Sing, smile with the song, turn up your spirit, feel your soul, heal the emotion, and forget the pains. God has given us the music to make the world knows they're lucky!

Bahasa Drama has done! Honestly, it was the most simple drama of Ecsotic, simple decoration, simple plot, simple script. Look at us... (but i tell you; don't look at me + click for the original size)
The Crews aftershow :)

Oh, I also wanted to say a big fat thanks for Ms. Dyah, our beloved, beautiful soon-to-be-teacher :')
Thank you Miss, and keep shining. Stay lovable, stay calm, and strong! Our prayers are with you, promise us you'll be a great teacher!

NB. If only you could e there, come and watch our Bahasa Drama, it was also specially presented for you :(
Well, without losing my respect, I don't know what I've done there at your class Ms., but you're totally not true about me. No, I'm not that cruel..., really, hiks. I don't know why you put that comment but I never waited your end of lesson. Although I was looked apathetic, I've always paid anything upon yours, and surely, thanks for the score. I can't even believe; with your appraisal at me, you still screw that ink on mine. So please read it slowly Ms., you - are - great. :') and sorry for making you curious---I'm still wondering at the way you called my name and took seconds to stare at my eyes. What is it you've been looking for Ms.? Maybe it's an admiration, it's all yours :D  Good luck, Teachers! May the success be with y'all! Hati-hati semuanya, selamat sampai Jakarta... Much loves xoxoxo...

"..and I'll wave goodbye, watching you shine bright... and I'll wave goodbye, tonight..."



Everything's good. Everything goes better. Everything's blessed. And I can finally find myself. Thanks God. Thank you, Nyo. Longlast ya :)


i know this weekend will be better than the last

TIME FLIES! IT LIES! I'm almost called as the eldest. I'm almost dead. No. I'm kidding.

Am I ready? Are we ready?

I should learn to behave, learn to obey the manner albeit when break the rules. Ups.
Being yourself doesn't mean you have to lose your manner. I have tasted the sense of being the hipster that allowed my own rules to make the term "dare to be different and real" happened. It used to sound fun; but it sounds creepy now. Since I've grown, I realize, there's something needs to be revised. My perspective, it should grow up.

As a teenager, I ever thought that my mom is boring and she needs some modern touch. Maybe it's too conservative and I can't be my own self. Some of my friends were uncool. My seniors are mean, they should understand my problems and so on. It's ok, it's a part of growing up. By the time I'll be landing on 12 Grade's Ageport..... it must be inverted.

Maturation means dealing with the emotional control. If I can't respect them, then why so they? If I say you're a dumb, am not I? Holla, it needs to be equal and fit. I should put myself to the certain conditions, which one needs the well-attitude, which one needs the free-sayings.. (even the last mentioned have to be considered to the other's feeling). You're not the god.

And so far, I disobey what I've said above.

School. Class, homework, and friendship. This year isn't easy, but one year ahead should not be easier. I have to focus and use my camera perspective, shoot with the right mode, in the right point. Then I will get the masterpiece as I want it to be seen, as it becomes memory, and framed to inspire others.

Get ready, Get set, and Go :)

[8 months later]

Monday, May 13th 2013
Dear Sav,
Wait. It's really weird to say a slice of Hi to yourself. I know, I am a seriously-bad-penpal and even you read my letter which, later, I (myself) am the authorized one who will send and receive this phone.
Okay, since it's took 10 minutes to write the opening and 8 months to be re-red. No need time wasting! Let us, let us enjoy this reality show.

Saveera, it's been about 17 years we are One. Look at the sky, it cheers you up. You're grown, and still grow up. You've done this things your friends call as crush, dating, heartbroken, PMS, highschools and its dramas, homeworks, LDR, even loan thingy (no offense) and a moviescene-like days. How's been? Time flies, you should nearly have done, shouldn't you? Uh oh, stop right there. We need to talk. Coffee?
Saveera, you're amazing. Even when you're not, you remind me to our long way, how long it takes to walk with our own feet, remind me to our shoes collection that has been perforated, that can never stop us. Highschool and dormitory, kidding me? I have seen you in your worst, those times when you're tired and wacky, so ridiculous eh? You were crying out loud at this things we are now laughing for. You've moaned to something which you thank God it never happens afterwards. You've stumbled, fallen, twice, hundred times, but you woke up, and started to look forward, and walked. Those times when you chose to sit and repose, rewind your faults and begin to blame yourself. We felt stupid, stressed, and desperate. Those times when nobody came along to give us their arms. Those time when they broke our trust by talking behind our back. Those times when our hope broken. Time when you thought your heart's been decayed and can't be the same, God takes yours and fix it by the people around you. Chins up dear, and the sun rises to make your day.
You may think you're alone, but at the moment somebody will come along and repair it for you. They're called family. You may think you're the worst, but at the time, other people out there feel as bad even worse than you. You need a pause somehow. Inhale, stop being too strong to be the one who always looks up, exhale, looks down, Sav. And be grateful.

No one is as lucky as us. Y'know? It's weird sometimes to be you, but I love you. Don't worry, we'll be fine. Let's overlap this line. We'll be the one of them, the greatest ones, trust me. Invite your friends! We'll have some fun. Amen.

..And now I've got a feeling if I sang this loud enough, you would sing it back to me... :) -From your favorite song



I lose my self-control, can't help

'Cause it's too much, yeah it's a lot to be something I'm not

Have you ever cried so hard that your entire body shook?
Have you ever felt effete until you couldn't even answer yourself? Too much reason but no words out.
Have you ever felt a serious loneliness that only you could handle yourself, but you just didn't?
Have you ever seen people were killed in front of you, but you left in silence...
Have you found yourself was nobody?

Aku pernah.

Aku capek. Aku penat. Aku sumpek. Aku butuh tempat nulis. Gak pake tangan, tanganku gak sanggup pegang pulpen. Aku mau nulis pake bahasa indonesia. Bukan, aku tidak mengalamatkan tulisan ini untuk siapapun. Izinkan aku untuk menggunakan blog ini secara pribadi. Aku sedang membutuhkannya secara gak komersil walaupun iya, aku tahu semua orang tahu blog itu 'tempat umum'. Jadi, silakan skip yang satu ini.

1.1. Biasanya, orang idealis itu susah menganggap dirinya salah. Sulit koreksi, karena dalam perjalanan mereka menuju keidealan yang mereka ingin, mereka merasa sudah memahami banyak hal dan lebih tahu dari orang lain.
1.2. Dalam zaman modern, legalitas terhadap penemuan hal-hal baru bukan hal asing lagi. Bahkan seringkali norma dianggap gak gaul lagi. Banyak orang yang mengenal konsep hipster/antimainstream jadi hidup dengan visi: membuka pikiran orang yang mereka anggap mainstream agar ikut menganggap sesuatu yang sebenernya dianggap salah itu gak salah lagi lho, jadilah dirimu sendiri, ayo, jangan takut. kamu punya hak untuk itu, kamu harus percaya diri dan 'show the world that you are different')
Iya kalo differentnya bagus (walau bagus itu relatif). Lha kalo antimainstreamnya lama kelamaan melupakan manner dan berbicara panjang lebar tentang hak membuat banyak orang lupa tentang kewajiban?
1.3. Diktator itu biasanya jahat. Tapi ini tahun 2013. Hal-hal besar bikin banyak orang sekarang ngelupain hal-hal kecil. Apalagi ketika remaja-remaja yang beranjak dewasa dan punya banyak temen udah lupa sama dongeng-dongeng semacam Snow White (mungkin karena sekarang udah berubah jadi ada The Huntsman-nya kali) dimana Si Ratu jahat nyamar jadi penjual apel atau yang lebih up to date sedikit macam The Clique dimana si pendatang baru membuat si antagonis gak suka.. Lupa kalo mungkin sekarang mereka adalah si antagonis. Atau keantimainstreaman membuat mereka bangga-bangga aja dengan itu?
Terus, mereka yang ditakuti atau punya temen banyak bisa seenaknya aja memperlakukan orang yang mungkin gak sepaham dengan mereka atau mungkin gak sesempurna mereka kayak cinderella, gitu? Banyak orang yang jadi lupa diri karena mereka ada di posisi aman, banyak teman, nyaman.
Tega banget sih. Mbok ya mikir, coba kalau mereka jadi dia yang aneh, gak penya temen gitu.
Walaupun dia yang terbully gak kerasa atau takut karena dia labelled as the invisible?

2.1. Aloha, Orde Baru yang ini ada di lingkungan ABG yang penuh dengan kelabilan dan konspirasi ajaran sinetron jaman SD.
Dia punya sesuatu dimana saat dia berkata sesuatu, semua orang tunduk terhadapnya. Bahkan orang yang pangkatnya (dan harusnya punya authority) lebih dari dia aja sungkan setengah mati dan takut sama dia. Gak tau takut kenapa. Emang dia penentu hidup dan matinya ya? Sekalipun semua orang bilang gak, mayoritas kalah sama dominan.
Kok bisa ya?

3.1. Terhitung 3 bulan terakhir semuanya berubah. Drama mandarin (24 maret), ppst, drama esl (24 april), yearbook, perkusi (11 mei), yep, drama bahasa (17 mei), spectrum of art, sayc, UKK, plus tugas-tugas seselan di tengah-tengahnya.. dan yearbook! Kalap. Kalap. had this last 3 nights without sleep. I really need a doctor. Not only me. Sudah banyak yang tumbang, sudah banyak nelan 'korban'. Korban sosial, korban hati, pikiran, badan. Let's worth it :')


When Sociology Talks about Diversity.

May 4th 2013. All Credits: Saveera Vivid. No editing. Read the annotation at the bottom.

(1) My team posed in front of our first destination: Kelenteng Eng An Kiong. (2) Mr Hanom when explained about goddess of moon and god of sun. (3) Behind the altar. (4) A stall of properties. (5) One of candle's locus - against the sunshine. (6) Koi! (7) Bhikkunis guided us to walk around at our second destination: Sekolah Tinggi Agama Buddha. (8) A bhikku walked across the terace.  (9-10) The replication of Patirupaka Shwedagon Pagoda. (11) Buddha statue when posing at his death. (12) The gate of maditation area. (13) My team minus Reyhan : Me, Titin, Showfil, Guide, Kurnia Putri, Agusti Nia, and Tangguh. (14) Prasasti Raja Asoka. (15) Our third destination: SMP/SMA Al Izzah. (16) Evi Novitasari. (17) After discussion. (18) Lunchtime at Aloon-Aloon Batu. (19) At the fourth destination : Gereja Paroki Gembala Baik. (20) The Altar which became the spot where most of the students took their pictures and pretended as a bride. (21) Pura Giri! The fifth destination! My favorite! (22) The Gate. (23) I love this 'hanging' flower. (24) Hey, self. (25) Saya suka dengan bapak ini, yang sebelah kanan. (26) Friends. After having the dinner nearby Aloon-Aloon Batu. (27-29) Lightphoria at BNS. (30) Lampion Garden. (31) Riding Sepeda Gantung! Our favorite :) (32) Outterview from above; blurred :( (33) Inner view. (34) How did it feel to be on this swing?

It was class! The exclussion class of sociology for 11 Grade Social Class (11 Soc 4 or Kamseupay and 11 Soc 5 or call us Ecsotic :) We have a chapter about Multiculturalism and Mr Muslich has planned this field trip for us. We love it! Of course we're tired upon all of this. But.. it was simply refreshing. F5 F5 F5...

The next day, we still had a trip to Dadaprejo, Batu to create our own ceramics. Hmm we need more sleeeep.....
Done with it, we went to Matoz. Me, Banin, Puput and Reyhan in a team. While Chris, Evi, Kiki, Bodel, Sam, Mega, and Ayik in b team.

.......aaand, still a bunch of mission ahead. oh. me. need. an. off.