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City of Stars
Start A Fire
Audition (The Fools Who Dream)

ok it's holiday, it's still holiday and it's been almost a week since the movie La La Land hit the cinemas. actually i've waited it from the beginning of 2016 (i always look for the year's upcoming movie-list and i found its title was scheduled for june 2016). then it's not. until i began to forget about it and, nearly the end of the year, so many people starts to talk about how good it is and it wins 7 nominations on golden freakin globes.

so tomorrow i will crack my bedface and leave my comfort zone to yogya, only to watch this movie (lmao why). for more than a week i am so used to watch its trailers like hundreds time--because i really enjoy the colors, the musics, the outfits, the dancing, everything.

i didnt expect this movie would gain this euphoria. but even 80 percent people in my homefeed starts to say that it was more than a movie like it was a magical show years of waiting. is it?


tentang kultur selebritisasi-diri-sendiri.

16:32, di samping jendela kamar.

udaranya lagi enak banget, mendung, habis hujan. dingin, gloomy, sambil dengerin danilla.

when i re-read my (older) posts, i somehow feel cheesy. so maybe from now on i will only write in bahasa when it comes to poems, or, idk maybe articles. note: if you want to read the main topic jump to the next 3 paragraph. it begins there. and oh, it's a casual post not a formal argumentative paragraph they taught me in high school.

its been almost a month i stayed in bed. perhaps once and twice with friends or alone on coffee longues but i produced nothing. the worst part is, actually i have lots of idea strolling inside my head. to write books, to go travel somewhere nearby and make videos with good musics as soundtrack, to write some reviews—movie, books or albums, to do some photoshoots, to make songs, or just to do some covers. i envy them who meet up at mlg-sby. i could’ve gone to malang and hang out with matthew, i could have gone back to yogya and watched lalaland, visited art galleries and museums besides there would have been more cafĂ© to waste some time with my laptop and headset on but i didnt do it anyway.

recently i begin to realize that if i gotta get married in next 5-6 years (guys, i dont state who become my bridegroom--cowo yg bakal aku kawini, neither, aku gak bilang udah bakal kawin dan bakal kawin dengan siapa, no) it would be here in my hometown, ponorogo. honestly i’d been always thinking of other cities for wedding; mostly yogya and jakarta, or i don’t know, bali? or whenever my jobs take me later. but then, i realize, no dude, this culture belongs to celebrity and them whose hometown were in the karta-cities. then i begin to realize, that, i only had a few close friends here, them who i kept close. well i know a lot of fellow, a lot of them maybe know me, but we actually aren’t ‘friends’ that almost of them i barely met in person. last year’s semester-break, i finally got to know some people closer. this current semester break, the time i start to realize the whole thing, i began to bond with more persons i usually touch via instagram or path. i don’t know is this still relevant to call such thing 'make friend' in this millennial age (where people can easily make friends via internet), but yeah. i do. i left gadget, i mean no, i use gadgets and actually make new friends.

ahya. a thing to confess; around september i’ve told u i stop doing social media except instagram, blog and u know, the essential ports like email and linkedin, plus.. ok let’s start with the moment i temporarily deactivated my instagram, in which i thought as pointless, and either boring and distracting. so i did a trial, to deactivate and see what happened. turned out some friends asked me what had happened with my account then i replied i wanted to leave it for weeks. but the next day, casually, i checked whether it’s still there–i mean i can activate it whenever i want to. but i hardly signed back in, few times i tried to but got fail several times, until for a second on my dozen-th times, i tried and it signed me in.

just like that. i technically activated it. the worst part was i just knew that it began to re-tag every pictures existed so that all of the tagged ones re-like even commented the pictures i posted years ago, thought i posted it in the very time. the next worst part, i wouldn’t deactivate again until a week so then i just go with it.

ok, there’s time when i became that person who loved posting every moment with those long captions. there’s also times when i used to be a location-obsessed person, where i loved to go to places that people barely know or places that soon-to-be popular, with me in it, posing like models or something alike, or actually just to try new-cafes with my well-dressed gang.

but now im just ok with it.

you know, it gets overrated. people become overrated. instagram forms a new potential world that has a powerful visual culture. well yes there are people who use it as portfolio and business necessary or chill-and-post-dude kind of person, but there also lives people who are too dumb to see the essence in gramming.

the people who is proud to join the stream of self-celebratization (menyelebkan diri sendiri, pinjam terms nya dayin) and yes sometimes it’s overwhelming that nowadays we are too busy to do fame and shape ourselves as a-well-feed person, or maybe a celeb when we, sadly, are not.

some people needs to tidy their feeds because they need to. they make money from endorsements and it comes because of how many they get the likes. other celebgrams need fame to promote their youtube, films, books, events, products, etc. if we want that, we want to be endorsed, it’s ok. or maybe we want to make it thematics or just tidy it and chill, it's up to each person. but if we want the fame alone, we want popularity itself and adoration ‘ahh that girl with nice feed’ or the title, ‘that hits girl’ ‘that hits boy’, i tell you, it’s sad.

baby it’s sad when our life depends on the amount of our likes, followers, or our feed. it’s sad that some people become obsessive to make their feeds neat because other people do so, because the stream tell us it defines who we are. it’s sad that we feel happy because many people likes us and then what? that we are famous now congratulation we are loved. that’s it? because baby it’s sad. it is.

what’s the point of being popular afterall? if you aim for being called and asked to do endorsement its ok. if you do it and turns out it looks nice and on point and dude chill and post. yes it's good. but when some of people are being too obsessive? dude, if you're obsessive, and it's actually enjoyable instead of spamming, it's ok. i like that tho. if you do it just for fun it's ok. but then what’s the point of having a neat feed? what’s the point of doing what everybody else does? what’s the point of being in the same stream with people?

or maybe, which people?

i used to. i used to take photo in a new or instagrammable places, posing like i was a model (well sadly im not), with fancy outfits, fancy words, overrated fanciness. then i realized, trus lapo? terus opo o? gek terus nyapo?

negasinya adalah, di atas aku udah bilang, pengecualiannya ketika emang pengen aja, pengen tematik aja, pengen kurasi, atau ketika seseorang make buat portfolio, atau emang dia seleb/pablik figur/cari duit karena edorsement/duta wisata pokoknya emang butuh pencitraan, ya silakan. atau memang dia tipe orang yang ya, pengen-aja-ngepost-terus-kenapa karena emang mungkin momentnya dapet, atau alasan lain.

tapi tendensinya apa. esensinya apa. pengen aja, oke. tapi kalo ga tau bahkan kenapa itu dilakuin atau karena kebawa arus, atau karena tendensinya emang pengen beken.. it's sad. (i actually dont know why am i so giving a dayum but i cant help).

kalo sampe obsesif itu lho. kalo sampe make 'hunting' cuma buat dateng ke tempat yang bahkan ga bakal pindah, bisa didatengin lagi besok, atau bajunya sebenernya oke, tapi maksa pokoknya ditumpuk-tumpuk aja biar hits, atau karena butuh 'ngefeed', biar dibilang orang kece gituloh, biar hits. omg sis, get a life. kalo ngelakuin itu karena ya, casually aja, ceprat cepret, eh bagus ya, post. atau, ih unyu nih spot, cekrik, upload gitu. atau karena lagi on point lalu cekrik, upload. why not.

cuma sedih aja kalo yang sampe obsesif terhadap selebritisasi diri sendiri, (ini kenapa si gua ulang ulang gua jg sebel sendiri) terhadap, julukan hits, terhadap sosial, terhadap pencitraan yang diinginkan. dude, it's overrated. worst when you do spamming. pengen banget nih jadi selebgram? dateng, outfit, pose, efek, ayolah. even 'hipsters' people leave that things away few years ago (because almost of us pasti pernah berada di titik itu ya gak sih). if you DO care with being hipster (ngehit bahasa gaolnya) (omg i feel so gross talk like this but i cant help), there is tint, and grain, or u can try blurry photo, and mood photo, watch hipster movies (type 10 hipsters movies of all time on youtube or google), there is scarf, theres plain tee and chill, if you want to take photo in coffeeshops, look around, even some people just sit there with laptops and headsets because they know they can sit there every evening if they want to, maybe they call you 'duh norak ya' atau 'kayak ga bakal bisa kesitu lagi aja' or if you really want to take photo there like a model, do it with class, some people can do it so. and class doesnt always mean fancy clothes, baju terminim atau baju bertumpuk-tumpuk, heels, running shoes, makeups or those things. or maybe you can start with.. simply do what you love, be you, be honest, just the way you are, just the way it is. it's much more worth the whole things. esp your kuota. and your followers's homefeed.

or maybe this is just you. maybe this culture just you and you're ok with it. it's, again, back to each of us. i cant bother anyone for their own thought i know.

but let me tell this thing. people will like it when they like it, you, the photo, the caption, the aesthetics, the whole thing, they will double-tap it if they want to. just, dont push yourself that hard. dont put your whole life on it.

pernah ga mikir gini,
1. mungkin orang yang lahir dan besar di sana, atau berdomisili di sana even gak dateng lalu foto-foto karena tahu mereka bakal bisa dateng ke tempat itu tiap hari kalo mereka mau (kecuali mereka ada proyek visual/endorsement, kecuali pengen aja foto--bukan obsesif karena pengen hits atau ngefeed)
2. kamu pun bisa ke sana tiap hari, kecuali pas itu langit dan cahaya alam lagi indah banget, atau lagi ada moment yang ingin kamu abadikan banget
3. semakin ke sini ngeliatnya malah kayak.. itu budaya-orang-luar-daerah banget iykwim
4. foto-hits-bareng-teman is actually so 2010 if your tendency is for being called as hits but if it is for cryztalizing the moments it is highly recommended (im not god tho i know. i know it)
5. foto sekali, dua kali, lima kali it's oke karena pas moment sama temen yang jarang ketemuan dan foto sebelumnya blur atau kenapa. tapi kenapa mesti over banget kalo toh demi dipost di feed. jadi salah fokus sama fotonya dan orang harus neglihat di feednya, bukan moment yang sedang terjadi.
6. if you really want it, maybe show some class
ps. i still love when people foto sendirian di tempat yang baru 'ngehip' atau ya foto hits pose kayak model, tapi tetep gak over, tetep interseting dan on point. atau foto lah foto hits hunting, tapi plis jangan spam sampe 3-3 bahkan 9 kali :( --> it is my very personal ask so dont mind it
6b. class bukan harus fancy outfit, tas mewah, makeup menor dan pose mahal. class is on your brain, and attitude. and, honesty.

or life is just too on point so the camera will help.

so after i technically activated back my account. i just go with it. but i start to unfollow so many people. i unfollow 300+ people and i keep 200+ yang mungkin bener-bener kenal, atau yang mungkin i feel like i want to hear their lives later, i follow who i want follow. because i see too much, i saw too many lives, too many news, and when it comes that i still do instagram, i want to stay healthy with it.

i follow 500 more accounts i find em match my passion and i dont need their follow-back. i started to post what i want to and chill. i dont care about followings, they can unfollow me whenever they want because they will follow me if they think they want/need to. i even dont care about the likes, about the aesthetic, because i do it for fun and chill. (sampe sini udah balik ke topik pembuka, jadi udah soal aku sendiri lagi gak maksudnya lo harus kaya gua. sampe sini gua ya cerita cerita aja soal kelanjutan kasus yang ada di pembukaan entry ini.)

i do a lot of ig-stories because i stop doing path/snapchat/askfm/twitter and i use ig-stories to replace all of its function; snapchat yes u already know why, path to show locations or words even movie and songs, askfm because with stories they could just ask me via dm if they want to and i will always reply them (i find it more communicative instead, as a social port, because it triggers people to just send and interacted, instead of giving love and in social media where we barely do comment idk why). it resumes all of other social medias' essence and the coolest part, it lets people to skip it. besides it will last for only 24 hours. and it doesnt have popularity-parameters because only us alone can know how many people have seen it. my stories usually get around 230-380 seen. a joking for my numbers of follower (I NEVER BOUGHT FOLLOWERS OR LIKES pls note that.)

im sorry if it looks pompous, or cocky, or haughty, chesty, uppish, donnish, whatever you name it. but i swear i'm not smug. and i hope you get my point. because i've lost friends of mine only because they tend and prefer to do fame dan hunting foto than just hang out and chill with me anywhere we can reach.

i dont say selebritisasi itu buruk. i say it's sad when we become too obsessive and worse when we dont know why we do it or what we mean by doing what we're doing. after all human needs to actualize their selves. and basically it's all back to each person and it's not our business to bother em, i know. i just cant help but write down what i saw and felt, im not stating it's bad. i said it's sad not bad. actually if it's interesting it's fine it's so ok. i love that. what i regret is, when they overdo it and become obsessive upon it. my title was, tentang kultur selebritisasi-diri-sendiri, tentang. if they actualy do it because all people do so. if they dont know why the do it and the essence behind their action. i talk about it from my point of view and i surely open a wide arguments upon it. correct me if i am wrong, i'd love to hear another point of view. you can comment down below, or dm me, or line me, or send me an email. or whatever, anywhen, anywhere, anyhow.

i really miss those times when we just hang out and go somewhere, sit and eat anything, laugh and chill without any tendency of feed, or fame.


it's been a year.

how to deal with loss?
bagaimana kita berdamai dengan rasa kehilangan?

kata orang musuh terbesar kita adalah diri kita sendiri. berdamai dengan diri sendiri merupakan tantangan selanjutnya. kemudian berdamai dengan masa lalu, kemudian dengan keadaan. lalu bagaimana dengan.. kehilangan?

kehilangan, ternyata mendewasakan.

kegagalan membuat kita lebih tangguh. kehilangan, membuat kita bertumbuh.

let's talk a little about life.

i lost my sister (adik kandungku satu-satunya) few weeks after i turned 2 years old. her name was kintan. angelina kintan lovelita. i slightly kept a memory in that age, but i remember my house was full of people one night.

the day my mom turned 44, i got a call. a news. my dad has passed away. that.. well that was, i remember, that news felt so cold and.. it didnt even sound like a sentence. i just sit there, for a long time i cant even recall how long, kept in silence. i didnt know what to do, i didnt know how to move. i just couldnt stand it. until my aunts, uncles and cousins came to my kos but i kept still. the moment they hug me, then just like a flood, i was teared apart. my whole self-defense collapsed and i couldnt stop crying. i didnt know who to tell, who to ask, who to blame, i dont know how to deal with those calls and texts and messages. it's not my first loss, but it was my first emotional loss.

my sister's tiny funeral is placed near my house, in a place called taman arum around alun alun. sometimes i go there alone. she was born 2 years after me on 98 and we would've been a cool sibling yknow, supposed to be. like kendall and kylie or gigi and bella or dakota and elle. or haim the band. or anything. if i were not a sole child maybe i would haven't been this cold and perhaps, havent been this loner.

but again, i talk about life as life, (in general), not only a success-material. i talk about pure happiness, a pure life. a learning, to appreciate things, and be anything we really want to be, and to always learn, to deal with, to be happy.

let's live for a purpose, with courage and a kind heart. with dreams, and honesty. with a sense of introspective and a soul that can see the essence. we are here for reasons. and it's not only for selfish or material things. we should stop war. we should share education and a better health. we should take care of our planet, our living space, we should appreciate things, follow our passions, make the best of our talents, on what we're really good at and be happy with it, and give this human race a chance. and a change. because we only gotta live once, and it's not for a long time.

we live for reasons. have we lived for these reasons?

quick resume of a few-weeks-people-person.

origin, 14:25, lantai 2, sendirian lagi, di lantai dua di bangku yang sama, kali ini sebagai pelanggan pertama (pas kesini beberapa hari lalu kebetulan jadi pelanggan terakhir).

di entry ini, sesuai judul dan apa yang belum terjabarkan di 3 new-year-post sebelumnya, aku mau merangkum pertemuan-pertemuan ajaib beberapa minggu terakhir.

jkt-jog bond. (click here to jump to the whole story.)

napo lagi, napo lagi... hahaha (meski technically wangking aka diah ayu palupi bukan napoleon ya).

jadi ceritanya emang karena aku sma gak di ponorogo, dan kalcernya anak ponorogo main dan kehubungnya sama sosial di sma (DAN NGEGENG HAHA), tiap pulang yang mau diajakin random keluar ya anak smp. dan senengnya, di ester (smpku) karena dulu tiap angkatan cuma buka 3 kelas dengan jumlah 100 orang, jadi tiap orang kenal tiap orang dan jarang ada gap gitu di lingkungan sosialnya. nah, untungnya lagi aku masuk kelas gamma pas kelas tujuh. which is di dalemnya isinya anak anak yang diver banget, dan kebetulan cowonya cupu cupu hahaha. maksudnya cupu cupu itu anak anak nerd yang juga doyan main sama cewe jadi kelasnya ngeblend banget. biasanya kan kalo cowo cowo cool yang anak olahraga/musik kan bawaannya nge-geng dan nge gap gitu. terus meski di kelas delapan kami diacak, tapi kelas tiga kami balik lagi, dengan nama baru, napoleon. terus karena ya itu tadi, anak gamma ngeblend banget, cowo-cewe juga nyatu, dan (ehem) nilai rata-ratanya oke wkwkwk, kami jadi sering banget ngelewatin hal-hal bareng. dari pulang sekolah, main ke rumah siapa, japok ke rumah anhar/redo/johan yang gedeee, bikin bikin, pokoknya kompak. jadi begitu lulus, pas kelas lain udah ngacir semua apalagi udah kepencar sma dan kuliah dan punya geng sendiri-sendiri, gamma masih kuat banget kebersamaannya.

nah  karena kalcer kami dari dulu gak ada geng, gap, dan pilih-pilih teman, kami jadi klop aja gitu sama siapapun.

mau keluar sama siapa aja, serandom apapun, udah bertahun-tahun gak ketemu, dan meski dulu di kelas gak terlalu dekat misalnya gak kelompokan bareng, gak duduk deketan atau ya gak ngantin bareng atau jarang duduk di lingkaran bareng pas istirahat gitulah, tetep ga aneh.

kayak ini. paling dulu aku di napo paling sering sama ogiv (ga ada di foto), asti paling pas kelas tujuhnya, dan gak se-lingkar-dudukan pas istirahat sama nadodot, onez, mega atau nisa, kami klop aja keluar. karena kami napoleon. AUTOMATICALLY NO GAP NO PILIH PILIH. hehe

stranger things. orang kedua dari kiri di gambar di bawah ini namanya puput harsay. kami kenal karena waktu itu aku jadi koor acara stuban ke telkom dan kata bagus suruh hubungi puput. teknisnya kita udah saling ngeline dan saling follow di instagram, but really gabisa dibilang kenal cuman karena medsos matter.

setelah stuban case kelar, kita masih sekali dua kali in touch perihal business case dll sampai kemudian aku ngegig juli lalu, terus kita jadi sering komen-komen dan entah gimana kita lumayan intens chat di line. mulai bahasan random band, soal liburan, ekonomi, kuliah, film, sampe one piece. karena kita sama-sama op luverz lol. dan baru malam tahun baru lalu, kita akhirnya meet in person. hahaha lalu tanggal 5 aku main ke rumahnya. aneh ya padahal baru kenal. yang udah kenal lama aja malah kadang cuma ketemu buat ngopi sambil main gadget. ini aku main ke rumahnya dan menghabiskan hampir lima jam buat ngobrol, ngelakuin hal random sampe bikin lagu tanpa interupsi gadget.

visit ponorogo. pagi tanggal 31, ada LINE dari nia.

pod, bisa ikut jemput evi sama uful gak?

dan hari itu lucunya banyak orang tiba-tiba ngajakin keluar. onez wangking ngajakin ngopi. puput ngajakin meet up aka blind date wkwk. dan nia mendadak kedatangan uful, evi dan asrul. banyak yang keluar dari rencana, mundur, bahkan batal, akhirnya aku nye-an sama puput bajul pekas ata deny di gayeng. itu bukan rencana malam tahun baruan. itu cuman sekedar pengen meet up aja ngobrol dan ketepakan pas malam tahun baru.

ngobrol banyaaak, terus jam 12 kurang kami pulang. terus nyampe rumah, belum sempet buka pintu, tiba-tiba ada mobil berhenti depan rumah. ternyata mas yusman, asrul, dan evi-nia-uful di backseat. aku nyumpel di belakang. terus kami otw alun-alun, dan pas puter balik, kembang apinya pecah di jalan dan kita gak sempet live the moment. huahaha. absurd abis.

ngobrol di panggung alun-alun, terus paginya kami ngumpul di rumah nia. terus karaokean. terus bablas ke rumah lila di slahung. ngabisin banyak banget pisang mini dan sale dan biskuit. (baca: banyak banget) lalu bablas ke hutan pinus Kita.

katanya sih deket. iya sih deket, tapi ternyata lewat perbatasan ponorogo-pacitan. jadi secara teknis kami ke pacitan wkwk. tapi gak zonk sih..

cuman emang kami dateng di saat gak tepat. karena lagi ada orkes gitu dangdutan yang nyanyi anak-anak dan remaja setempat. jadi rame sekali.

di situ sebenernya baguus, menurutku entah gimana better dari pinus mangunan, cuma emang lebih kecil. tapi entahlah, lebih nyaman aja, mungkin karena ada pemandangan jalan, sungai dan perbukitan pacitan kali ya. aku jadi bayangin kalo pas sepi pasti enak banget gitu duduk duduk atau geletakan sambil diem aja, liat langit dan pohon. dan jalan. enaknya buat gitu sih, bukan fokus ke foto-foto. meskiiiii foto-foto pun okeee kalo bisa nyari spot. banyak tempat duduk dan kotak bambu pohon, dan ayunan. dan omah pohon juga. bagus sih. bagus.

karena semua ayunan diisi orang pacaran dan tempat tempat duduk yang udah aku incer bakal bagus banget spotnya diisi sama bapak bapak yang nungguin istri-anaknya, akhirnya cuma ini spot yang kita pake foto. minus kita kebanyakan cuma geletakan dan duduk duduk yaa..

suer, ini candid snapgram. bukan foto on purpose. tapi epic banget ya ga sih. (atau emang mereka sadar kamera?)

pulangnya, habis nurunin lila dan pamit, kita ke jabung. dan omg, ngelewatin jalan yang selama ini gak pernah kami lewatin (karena kalo dari ponorogo ke jabung ya ke jabung aja, atau kalo ke slahung ya langsung slahung, gak pernah dari slahung ke jabung) dan astaga.. sawahnya indaaaaah banget. apalagi sinar matahari menjelang sore gitu. astaga. indah banget.

sampe jabung, pas belok masih buka untungnya. eh pas aprkir penjualnya udah proses nutupin papan huhuhu. tapi terus aku nanya (setengah maksa) "bu, masih bisa ga ya?" "buat berapa orang mba?" "lima aja kok bu" "iya bisa mba" terus si ibu yang baik hati meski gorengan semua pada abis membuka kembali papan kedainya wkwk. terus habis puas ngedawet perjalanan pulang kami nganterin anak-anak sholat di masjid gontor. terus malemnya nyate! terus ke wijsoen, minum minum, cerita, main kartu sama truth or dare sampe jam 11.

terus kami anterin uful sama arul balik ke nia dan dari nia aku anter mereka ke rumah mas yusman (jam 12 malem lewat ngeDAM sister) terus aku nya izin pulang. kalo di jogja mah aku tancap gas aja, tapi entah kalo di rumah malah gimana gitu rasanya. terus aku pulang. (lewat sukowati). dan mas yusman yang anter asrul sama uful ke terminal.

begitulah short trips saya.

oh dan plontho club, plontho club itu karena suatu malam, aku bajul puput habis nonton gitu, terus bingung masa mau ngopi lagi? jadi kami ke plontho! iya di depan rumah gitu (rumahku masuk jalan di seberangnya plotho) hahaha. di situ ngobrol banyaaak, soal musik, sejarah ngeband, anak anak band, aliran band ponorogo, pandangan bermusik. sampe kita pindah gayeng (again) dan lanjut ngobrol ditambah ada pekas tapi puput balik duluan beberapa menit setelah pekas dateng. dan lanjut ke rumah puput tadi, dan habis dari rumah puput itu, bajul sama pekas sempet ajakin keluar lagi. dan kami bertiga ngumpul lagi (di gayeng lagi) sampe malem. aku kayak anak nakal gitu ya :( aku lupa ini bukan jogja.. tapi suer aku anak baik baik kok :( ngobrol banyak, soal musik sih kebanyakan, dan kuliah, dan ponorogo. dan.. apa ya kontribusiku buat kota ini? i am wondering..


wiiiiii. enaknya sekolah bareng anak anak dari berbagai daerah adalah, kita selalu punya tempat 'pulang' di banyak kota. hahaha

mereka sempat ke solo dulu, menjemput nia. lalu di jogja kami bertemu suatu sore di guest house mereka di daerah selatan. aku habis ngehost jogja pop hari itu, dan sambil nunggu mereka nyampe main ke kedai kebun forum ngeliat pameran musik lokal. begitu sampe di guest house, kami nyari makan. karena motornya cuman 2, akhirnya kita adding 2 gojek ke prawirotaman. makan di move on, cerita, ketawa ketiwi ngakak, foto-foto dikit, terus lanjut nyusurin jalan prawirotaman ala bule gitu. terus makan angkringan di angkringan jos tugu. terus paginya.. (aku ga nginep bareng mereka btw, jd iya malam itu aku pulang.. terus pagi-pagi banget aku otw ke sana lagi dari kos wkwk). terus kami sarapan di burjo. terus kami cus selatan. ke bukit panguk dlingo bantul. nih viewnya.

menurutku sih, ini better dari kebun buah mangunan ataupun kalibiru. (kalau yang bukit moko di kulon progo belum tau). karena, lebih luas dan melebar dan banyak tempat duduk-duduk yang langsung ngadep ke viewnya. jadi fokusnya ga cuma foto terus pulang. bisa buat duduk duduk gitu kalo lagi suntuk ke sana dan sekedar nikmatin aja gitu suasana. apalagi gratis. cuma bayar parkir. itu sih enaknya juga liburan di jogja. masih membumi dan merakyat banget. belum dikomersilkan. jadi ramah lah buat mahasiswa yang masih ngantongin duit ortu.

ada kira kira7 sampe 8 spot foto. terserah lah mau yang mana.

ini sori ye foto mainstream hahaha.

the team.

skip mangunan, lanjut pinus. aku berapa kali ya, mungkin kira-kira udah ke-lima kali ke sini. bosen? engga.

abis gitu ngejar jumatan, dan akhirnya nyampe di masjid prawirotaman in time. kita yang cewe cewe ngadem di degan alkid. terus lanjut makan di kauman. terus karena hujan, kita ke tamansari agak mepet. jadi gak bisa ke sumur gumuling nya. daaan, gak sempat mampir lokal dan juga candi candi di timur.

terus kita ke malioboro. anak-anak beli oleh-oleh, aku duduk duduk ke kursi malio yang barusan diresmiin. sama ke periplus bentar. terus ayik sama nia nyusul aku dan kita ke mcd. terus abis gitu balik guest house. lalu kita makan sampe puas di ss. sampe malem apa ya. kan servingnya lama banget gitu. jadi jam 10 kita masih di ss. terus karena om tante ngajak pulang ponorogo jam 1 pagi, aku harus pamit duluan. gabisa ikut anter mereka check out pagi dan berangkat ke stasiun. tapi it was fun yknow. i love u guys. yang lain sini lah dateng yk. tante siap melayani. kecuali guarding ke sarkem.

bonus wkeke:


how i've ended my sixteen

menjelang akhir tahun, beberapa hal baru menghiasi hari-hariku. salah satunya kehadiran kwartet fakir gigs yang beranggotakan levy nando dan puput. kami jadi sering keluar random buat events seni dan gigs lokal. kadang sekedar makan bareng dan ngungsi ke burjo kalau diusir karena tempat makannya mau tutup. yang topik obrolannya gak jauh jauh dari fenomena sosial. dari homoseksual, masalah receh kayak cinta, pandangan hidup, politik, buku bahkan agama dan band indie hahaha.

sejak matthew lulus dan aku pindah ke kos baru, ditambah aku bebas-tugas keorganisasian, aku ngerasa aku balik lagi kayak aku sebelum sistem menyerang (hahaha). aku jadi pede ngikutin passion, mulai ngikutin jalur yang lama ditinggal karena beda fokus. selesainya semester lima juga dirayakan dengan konser kecil di ifi-lip dan malam sederhana yang menyenangkan bersama gemara dan rania. sesederhana makan bareng di taman di depan lip dan dipaksa gemara nemenin dia ke perpustakan buat liat salah satu koleksi filem di sana.

terus hosting jogpop. astaga seneng banget. bukan seneng sejenis habis intern atau dapet duit gitu, karena aku gak keduanya, aku gak kerja buat dibayar gitu dan aku gak intern. awalnya karena libur dan menunda pulang. kenapa ditunda? karena udah janji sama ayik mau nemenin pas dia main ke jogja. jadilah, sembari menunggu hari-h kedatangan mereka, daripada bolak-balik pulang aku memilih buat stay di jogja. dan, daripada gabut di kamar kosan, akhirnya aku ask om-tante bolehkah aku host jogja pop? ternyata boleh.

apa yang bikin aku ingin host jogja pop? satu, the vibes. lokasinya menguarkan aura positif untuk passionku. aku juga bisa menikmati suasana sambil ngeliatin bule-bule seliweran atau keluar-masuk, sesekali berbicara dan di kesempatan tertentu ngobrol bareng mereka. i can see people, i can see a mini world crossing by. ditemani daftar main lagu-lagu racikan sendiri dan buku-buku. plus tethering telkomsel yang kenceng banget. dua, daridulu aku suka sama lingkungan urban kayak gitu, apalagi urbannya gak ala metropolitan. justru urbannya membumi sekali. tapi urban. gimana ya. ngeblend gitu. pagi-paginya, sore-sorenya indah sekali.

dan.. bubarnya beberapa bands. chicken soup dan banda neira adalah dua band kesukaanku. mereka sederhana tapi ngena. mereka menyuguhkan musik yang tidak egois atau sarat permainan skill, they just.. sing. dan itulah musik. sedih juga ketika tahu (diawali dengan chicken soup dengan keluarnya kak gusti dan anggota yang tersisa melebur menjadi formasi baru dengan nama meranti) mereka memutuskan untuk berubah-wujud menjadi wujud mereka yang sekarang.